Ikkicon 2009
Phoenix & Maya - burgers
All-Con 2009 (coming soon, I promise)
Smash Bros. Photoshoot
A-Kon 20
AFest 2009
Yulecon 2009

All-Con 2008
TexPlex Cosplay Bowling
Pre-A-kon Photoshoot
A-Kon 19
AFest 2008
Phoenix Wright Picnic

Superhero Auditions
Ganondorf Photoshoot
A-Kon 18
El Paso Anime Con 07
A-Fest 07
A-Fest Halloween Party 07
Tex-Plex Ice Skating Party 07

Princess Peach Photoshoot
Luigi Photoshoot
El Paso Anime Con 06
San Diego Comic-con International 06
Belle Photoshoot
Link Photoshoot 1
Link Photoshoot 2
Nintendo Wii Release

Star Wars Episode III Premiere
A-Kon 16

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