Botch (Urgh! The Name is Butch!)

"If there is one thing that Jessie and James don't like, it's competition. Butch and Cassidy are big competition. In "The Breeding Center Secret," a Pokemon salon and boarding house is opened. When Pokemon leave, not only will they be refreshed, but they will be evolved too! The secret owners of the salon are Butch and Cassidy - members of the notorious Team Rocket organization, who want to steal all of the Pokemon!"
~Topps Trading Card - Butch (HV10)

Butch, commonly referred to as "Botch", is half of the "other" Team Rocket. Like his partner, Cassidy, Butch is a Class A Team Rocket member. Even though his team has failed on three separate missions, they seem to be the Boss's favorites.

During their schemes, Butch stays in the background much more than Cassidy. When they first opened the phony Breeding Center, Cassidy handled all the public relations: working at the front desk, starring in the TV commercials, etc. And when Misty arrived to pick up her Psyduck, Butch stayed out of sight.

Strangely enough, Butch appears to be somewhat more intelligent than his partner. For example, when Jessie and James broke into their hideout on Mandarin Island, Butch explained how Drowzee's hypnosis was broadcast through a parabolic antenna on the roof, which caused the island's Pokemon to fall under their control. After Ash destroys their Pokemon-controlling device, Butch commands Drowzee to bounce its hypnosis off the antenna again, and take control of all the Pokemon on the island.

Giovanni must be fairly desperate for agents, because Butch and Cassidy have been arrested three times, and they still haven't been fired. However, they have (probably) brought him lots of Pokemon at a time, acquired through their large-scale scams. The first time Butch and Cassidy were arrested, the Boss came down to the station himself and bailed them out (something he never did for Jessie and James).

Butch and Cassidy have been involved in at least three large-scale Pokemon-grabbing schemes. The first involved a fake Breeding Center, in which they promised trainers that their Pokemon would grow (and maybe evolve) in the luxury of a high-class spa. Then, on Mandarin Island, Butch and Cassidy used a Drowzee's hypnosis attack to manipulate the island's Pokemon. More recently, they opened a "Day Care Center" where they sold phony Pokemon Fortune-Telling Books to unsuspecting trainers. The real scam was that Butch and Cassidy encouraged trainers to leave Pokemon with them, hoping to exchange them for ones that matched their own personalities. Later, Butch and Cassidy helped an evil scientist capture a baby Lugia.

Butch and Cassidy also feature prominently in a number of as-yet-unshown episodes that don't feature Ash-tachi at all. In one of these episodes, B&C attempt to break into Professor Oak's laboratory and steal all of his Pokemon. Butch and his partner also star in the special, "Team Rocket: Origins of Love and Youth".

However, Ash and his buddies showed up to thwart all three of these ingenious plans (in fact, Jessie and James helped out too, especially on the second one). And every single time, Butch and Cassidy found themselves behind bars.

Butch's main Pokemon is Primeape, which has only appeared in "The Fortune Hunters". He may have other Pokemon as well.

Butch's most distinguishing characteristic is his deep, gravelly voice. Most people assume he chain-smokes several packs a day, which has caused the deterioration of his voice. Maybe he always talked like that. But very little information about his life is known at this time.

In "The Breeding Center Secret", Butch and Cassidy claim that they believe in Love Power (because they love power, of course!), so this has caused some people to believe that they are a couple. Of course, this remains to be seen. There is very little "Neoshippy" evidence in the series, but who knows what will happen the next time they cross the twerps' paths?

One thing is for certain: Butch and Cassidy are the most interesting "minor" characters in the series, and we haven't seen the last of them!

"URGH! The name is BUTCH!"

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