Truly Bizarre Glitches!

(Please don't call them Pokegods!)

Although 'M and MissingNo (in any of his four forms) can appear by doing the Coffee Man trick, there are other Glitch Pokemon that will only appear by using the Mew Glitch or a GameShark code. Sometimes these Pokemon are known as "PokeGods", but they are really just glitches like 'M and MissingNo - not super-powered Pokemon or G/S/C Pokemon obtainable in R/B. Most (if not all) of these Glitches are untrainable - since their number is so high, they revert back to Rhydons (HEX value 01) when caught. However, if you catch them twice, you can supposedly train them. Some of these Glitch Pokemon learn glitched moves, as well. Sometimes you will see nicknames given to these glitches like Anthrax or Beepin - they are still just glitches like 'M and MissingNo.

Some people claim that these are fragments of removed Pokemon, but they are most likely just glitches. There is no way to catch Marill, Ho-oh, Togepi, or any other G/S/C Pokemon in the original R/B versions. These Pokemon are not programmed into these games, so there is no way to catch, view, or train any G/S/C Pokemon in R/B/Y - they also don't appear in Hall of Fame screens. Any codes that explain how to get G/S/C or Advanced Generation Pokemon in R/B/Y are fake - end of story.

Several fake Pokemon are also rumored to be accessible in R/B as "PokeGods". A well-known example of this is Venustoise. Anime fans will remember the episode, "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak", in which a wayward Gastly battles against Ash and Team Rocket after trying to take James and Brock. This Gastly uses various unconventional methods of attack against the Pokemon - for example, it chases Pikachu with a giant mousetrap, and chases Charmander with a fire extinguisher. To battle Squirtle and Bulbasaur, it produces their most evolved forms and merges them together (named "Venustoise"). Many people online offered elaborate fake methods of obtaining this Pokemon in the games. Other fake Pokemon called "PokeGods" include Charcolt, Charzilla, Pikaflare, Pikablu, Pikared, Flareth, Vulcounare, and Kuravaiya. Basically, if you see a R/B/Y code to get a Pokemon not included in the original 151, the code is false (unless the "Pokemon" is actually a nicknamed glitch).

From Seto Kaiba Of TR:

"[There is a way] to get Pokegods... WITHOUT GAMESHARK!!! They are like MissingNo, blobby and glitchy. But somecan make your game freeze. I have already mucked around with glitches using random GameShark HEX numbers, but some of them are really cool. I'm talking about the so-called Beepin, Anthrax, Hou-Hou, and Pokemaniac. You know that "Pokemania" type pokemon you saw in your HoF? That was Pokemaniac! They aren't actually called that, but that's just what people call them. It's better than calling them stuff like [Glitch Block]A[Glich Block], that's for sure! Imagine Ash in a Pokemon battle, "[Glitch Block]A[Glich Block], I choose you! TM41 attack!"

POKEGODS: Sorting real from fake
Many people on the internet talk about Charcolt, Charzilla, Pikaflare and other Pokemon. These do not exist, and they often say that you need to fill a lot of requirements to get these. AVOID cheats that talk about things that they don't say are glitches or that you don't need gameshark (there are however a few exceptions of real pokegods without GameShark) because pokegods are glitches, not real super-powerful pokemon. Some people, using a gameshark, corrupt their Dodrio to make a glitch that they call "ASH". This is a glitched version of Dodrio, not an official pokegod over #151. Some people call our old friends MissingNo and 'M pokegods, but obviously they are #0, therefore not pokegods.

Abwayax writes:

  • (Note: The picture is of A, a different variation of PkMn. A's Special code is 191.)
    The first one is #250. It's name is PkMn.
    It looks like a horizontal bar (MissingNO without the top part)
    When you encounter it its cry is like Charmander's, only different
    It has no attacks, only the CoolTrainer Type one that can freeze your game.

  • To get PKMN:
    You have to do the "Mew Trick." Personally, I don't know why it's called that, but anyway, do the "Mew Trick," only use a Pokemon with a Special stat of 197. When the menu pops up, close it to find PkMn at level 7. When you catch it, it immediately turns to Rhydon (so catch it again)

  • And then #234 - .4

    It is a small block hovering in the air.
    It is Pokemaniac Type. When you catch it, the PokeDex data freezes so you should NOT go to catch it!!! If you want to freeze your game anyway, do the same as above but with a Special stat of 194.

  • The Yellow Version also has Glitches - X - x and pPkMnp.

    To get X - x do the Gambler trick ("Mew trick") with a Special stat of 196.

    To get pPkMnp use a Special stat of 194. It looks like: . These glitches also turn into Rhydon - so catch them twice.
    Trading a pPkMnp to Red or Blue Version turns it to a .4.

  • I've discovered a way to get newly discovered Glitch Pokemon "#205 PokeWTrainer" and "#176 3TrainerPoke" without GameShark. PokeWTrainer is a R/B Glitch also known as "Rainer". 3TrainerPoke is a Yellow glitch. Their only similarity is the "Poke" and "Trainer" in their names and the method of catching it.

    To get a 3TrainerPoke in your Yellow version: Trade an 'M from your Red or Blue version. It MUST be an 'M, not a MissingNO. If you trade a MissingNO. it stays as a MissingNO. Its name and attacks will stay the same ('M with Sky Attack, Sky Attack, and Water Gun) but its number, species, and type will change (176, 3TrainerPoke, and Normal).

    To get PokeWTrainer in Red or Blue you have to trade an "X - x" (which is another glitch from Yellow Version) to your Red or Blue. Like 3TrainerPoke, its name and attacks will not change but its species, number, and type will. More info

SupperTails66 writes:

I just spent some time playing around with the .4 glitch, and, contrary to what Professor Glitch might say, it can be caught. For some reason, it didn't display its PokeDex data, so the game didn't freeze. Anyways, I played around with it for a while, and after discovering its uber-cool morphing capabilities, it eventually gave me a whole lot (and I mean a WHOLE lot, as in so many that it couldn't fit them all on the Pokemon screen) of glitch Pokemon, whom I can supply pictures of later if you want them. Most of them were poisoned, so in an attempt to cure them (the game froze whenever I tried to heal them at a Pokemon Center), I went to my house. I talked to the main character's mom, and while she didn't heal them, she did succeed in messing the whole room up the second time I talked to her. I then ventured over the the TV, and, well... See for yourself. O_o

Here are some notes I've taken on it. They're kind of unorganized (they are notes, after all), but you can get the gist of it:

.4's first attack has the odd effect of transforming any Pokemon it goes up against in a wild battle into a Vulplix (only when caught, though, not in battle). When used in a trainer battle, it has, to quote the game, "No effect!". It learns TM 05 at level 9, SURF at level 19, TM 09 at level 30, TM 34 at level 44, Wing Attack at level 55, Cut at level 61, Karate Chop at level 62, Flash at level 70, TM 11 at level 94, and [nothing, literally, not even so much as a space] at level 97. Unfortunately, if you attempt to make .4 learn some of the later moves, it will, for some reason, appear to learn the moves of a Krabby/Kingler, and when you go back to the START menu, a weird text box will pop up with mostly blank space, then eventually allow you to use the menu. Most of the commands will make the game freeze, and on one occassion, trying to save erased my game. However, if you back out of the menu, your Pokemon will apparently become poisoned and a bunch of ones you don't have will start to faint [note: this isn't entirely true, they're there in the menu, you just can't see them unless you scroll down]. I took mine to the Pokemon Center, but after they were healed, my emulator locked up due to the game geting messed up.

.4's first attack has the additional effect of making .4 asleep. It also randomly becomes very durable during battle by having its health bar drain over and over, though it can still be defeated by another Pokemon. If the first attack hits, it will make the opposing Pokemon invincible. Also, TM 28's attack's type appears to be that of the last trainer you fought's name. It will occassionally morph into another type of Pokemon during battle, and may cause the opponet's Pokemon to transform. Its strongest attack appears to be TM 28, which looks like Self Destruct but doesn't do any damage to .4.

I've concluded that, when .4's first attack hits, it causes the other Pokemon to transform. In a wild battle, it becomes Vulplix, and in a Trainer battle, I have no idea what it becomes. When it hits, it also causes .4 to fall asleep. Also, .4 can cause your name to change into garbage symbols. In addition to this, it can also transform your Pokemon into entirely different ones with the same attacks (my Charizard became a Haunter).

Finally, never save .4 onto your game. It will more than likely erase your game. I speak from experience.

So anyhow, I just thought this might be interesting to some people. Anyone who could offer some input/insight into this would be appreciated. Also, if you'd like to see some freaky screenshots and such I've gotten by using .4. I feel too lazy to run them through Photoshop or even Paint right now if no one is interested them. Besides, I only have fifty megabytes of space available on my web server, and most of them are used.

Ace91 writes:

I have been doing some experimenting with my Blue Version, and have found 3 NEW glitches that you should find interesting. Now, I will tell you the tale of how I found these amazing glitches, and what they did (Or didn't do) to my game.

Chapter 1: The Search Begins

I had been interested in glitches for some time; I've had plenty of experience with MissingNo. before. After hearing about the "Mew Glitch" from a friend on the Nintendo NSider Forums, I decided to get out my old Blue Version and try out this new glitch. I read a HEX numbers list on another website, and noticed the "PKMN", ".4", and "A" glitches, and I made it my goal to acquire those rare glitches.

So, in order to get a Pokémon that had a Special as high as 191 or higher, I had to go to Cinnabar. I used the MissingNo. glitch, and found a level 131 Golduck, just what I was looking for. I had duplicated my Ultra Balls with MissingNo., so catching it was no problem. I used it in battle once to revert its level to 100, and then I checked its stats. Its Special was 195, which didn't match the HEX number of any of the glitches. Nevertheless, I wanted to see what would happen, as 195 is a blank spot in the HEX list. So, I flew away from the Gambler by Lavender Town on my Zapdos, battled a random trainer, then had a Ditto Transform into my Golduck, and then I ran from the Ditto and flew back to Lavender.

When I encountered the wild Pokémon that the glitch produced, I couldn't believe my eyes, it was a level 7 glitchy looking square with the name "h POKé# #-?" (The #s are glitched blocks.) Ecstatic that I had found a glitch that nobody had ever seen before, I had my Gengar use Hypnosis on it, and then quickly began chucking my large quantities of Ultra Balls at it. It took a while, but eventually I caught it. It was sent to the PC, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get it out, as MissingNo. can freeze your game when you try to withdraw it from a PC box. However, I could withdraw it with no problem at all! I went to the Name Rater and gave it the nickname "GLITCH", and then I went out to test it in battle, fearing that it might glitch my graphics the way MissingNo. does. Upon entering battle with a wild Pokémon, there were no glitched effects whatsoever! I was beginning to think that this glitch was completely safe. As a matter of fact, Glitch is now at level 41, and has become a permanent member of my team, and it STILL hasn't done anything strange to my game!

Anyway, here's the stats of this rare and surprisingly, SAFE glitch: Its stats, type, starting attacks, (Lick, Night Shade and Confuse Ray!) and Pokédex number are identical to Gengar's, so I think that the game thinks it's a Gengar. Upon reaching Level 8, it learned a glitched attack called "HM02", which has pitifully low accuracy, a glitched type, 29 PP, and the power and effects of Mega Drain. I deleted it in favor of a TM move (Counter) because it isn't very useful. At level 17, it learned Conversion. (This makes it the only Pokémon besides Porygon that can learn it!) It's now at Level 41, and it still hasn't learned anything else. Anyway, now you know how to get a SAFE glitch, just remember to use the HEX number 195. (TR Rose, you might consider adding it to your HEX list, just call it "h Poké" for short.)

Chapter 2: The Glitch That Would Be King.

I wasn't done with the glitches, though, not by a long shot. I wanted to find more, so I caught myself another Golduck, and after resetting its level to 100 and giving it a few Calciums, its Special was 198. I performed the Mew Glitch using this Pokémon, and found myself another never-before-seen glitch. This one looked identical to h Poké; it was still a glitchy square. Its name was "?L ??M 4#"; we'll just call it LM4 for short. I captured it much the same way that I did the last glitch, and then I started training it. Like h Poké, it didn't glitch up my game, although the music changed to something that sounded like a Pokémon using the Sing attack whenever I looked at its stats.

Now, you know that h Poké had stats, type, and attacks identical to Gengar, right? Well, LM4 was much the same way, except it was a glitchy copy of Poliwrath! Its starting attacks were Hypnosis, Water Gun, Doubleslap, and Body Slam. I taught it Submission and Surf using TMs, and it learned a glitchy attach at level 9, this one was called "TM05". TM05 was much more useful than HM02, it raises Evasion 2 levels! When LM4 reached level 18, something astonishing happened: it evolved. LM4 started to evolve into a Clefairy, but I would rather have a glitch than a Clefairy, so I pressed B to stop the evolution, and it wouldn't stop! Some kind of weird glitch prevented me from stopping the evolution! Anyway, as soon as it became a Clefairy, it evolved again, this time into a Nidoking! Strangely enough, it showed a Nidoking evolving into a Nidoking!

Anyway, once it had evolved, I realized something: I now had a Nidoking with Hypnosis! I had just discovered a way to get an awesome glitched Nidoking! I traded the Nidoking to my Crystal Version, wanting to see if it would give me the same "Your friend's Pokémon appears to be abnormal" message that I get when trying to trade MissingNo., but it traded it as though it was a perfectly normal Pokémon! Not only that, but the glitched "TM05" attack became Rollout when I did this! Anyway, the glitchy Nidoking is now a member of my team on Crystal Version, and I have the only Nidoking I know of that knows Hypnosis without being modified by a cheating device! Anyway, if you want LM4, or your own glitchy Nidoking, just use the Mew Glitch with a Pokémon that has a Special of 198. (TR Rose, you should probably add LM4 to the HEX list too, its number 198.)

Chapter 3: The Evil "a" and the Phantom Attack Glitch.

I tried one more Mew Glitch, this time with a number of 192. The glitch that I found this time was a little different from the others, it looked like a vertical bar of scrambles along the far right side of the screen, and its name was "a## (3 lines worth of spaces here) ##" Yes, that's right, there were so many spaces in the middle of its name that you had to scroll through 3 extra lines of text to see its whole name! We'll just call it "a" for short. Anyway, I was a little more suspicious about this glitch, it seemed unstable. Sadly, I forget what attacks it had, but I do know one odd thing that happened as I was training it. I was leveling it up, hoping something like what happened with LM4 would happen. But, when it reached level 9, an odd thing happened. It displayed this message: " is trying to learn !" Now, that was odd. The name of the Pokémon and the name of the attack were blank! I continued to scroll through the rest of the message, and as I was doing so, the music got softer and softer until it stopped altogether! Now, when I decided to have it delete another attack to make room for this one, it showed these attacks: Low Kick, Low Kick, Low Kick and Low Kick! I deleted one of the four Low Kicks, and the game froze. Creepy. Don't try this one. I call this glitch the "Phantom Attack Glitch". (TR Rose, you can add "a" to the HEX list under the number 192.

MissingNo Master writes:

I just caught and raised [A], and I'd like to share it's movepool with you!
Lv. 0; Cooltrainer
Lv. 0; Guillotine
Lv. 0; Pay Day
Lv. 0; Razor Wind
Lv. 8; Tackle
Lv. 14; Gust
Lv. 15; TM08
Lv. 16; TM50
Lv. 19; Razor Wind
Lv. 20; TM16
Lv. 31; Hydro Pump
Lv. 32; TM17
Lv. 33; Peck
Lv. 34; Razor Wind
Lv. 35; Mega Punch
Lv. 40; Poison Sting
Lv. 41; Fury Attack
Lv. 42; Whirlwind
Lv. 44; Reflect
Lv. 48; Transform
Lv. 60; TM24

It's A! The glitchy pokemon that appears in Lavender Town after using the Mew Glitch with a poke with a special of 191! I had to catch 2 of them, as the first turned into a rhydon. It's cry is a Sing Attack, and I caught it with a Master Ball, even though it was only lv. 7 (you never know how hard these glitches can be to catch). Now, in "Truly Bizarre Glitches", it says it only knows the cooltrainer move. It only looks that way, but when I battled it, it also used Pay Day, Guillotine, and Razor Wind. This got my curiosity going. When I looked at it's attacks, it had no attack names. However, upon reaching lv. 8, it automatically learned Tackle, deleting the cooltrainer move, making all attack names visible. I plan to investigate .4 next. It's type is Type 1; Normal, Type 2, Normal.

Well, when I looked at it's attack list, there were no attack names, but I could scroll down to all 4 slots. The top slot had the type as cooltrainer. I didn't use it, as I was a bit afraid as to what it could do. The others were all normal type moves. I selected on, and A used Guillotine. I gave it a rare candy, it reached lv. 8, and learned Tackle. It didn't ask if I wanted to delete a move; it acted as if it had only 3 moves. I could now see the attack names, and Tackle was at the top, where the cooltrainer type move was.

venusy2 writes:

I remember hearing about quite a lot of the Pokegods when I was first getting into Pokemon. Unfortunately, I can't find a lot of the websites. This is all that I can remember of them.

Pikablu (Marill) (Note: This was thought to be the pre-evoloution of Pikachu)

Hou-Hou (Ho-Oh) and Lugia

The pre-evoloutions of Electabuzz and Magmar (They didn't have a name yet)
Flareth/Flarth (I have the sources for these, but my scanner isn't working properly)

Wa Llama writes:

LM4 (Lord Moon the Fourth) Bio!
No. 062
Hex is C6, decimal is 198.

His cry is a song, I think maybe the Lavender town song haven't checked.

Type1: Water
Type2: Fighting

Starting attacks:
-Water Gun
-Body Slam
(Vaguely similar to a Poliwrath, huh?)

Evolution chart:
Lv. 18: Clefairy
Lv. 18: Nidoking
These evolutions ONLY occur if you teach it the level 56 attack and then replace it with TM04 (the level 59 attack)
Lv. 59: Abra or Kangaskan
Lv. 59: Abra or Kangaskan
Lv. 59: Abra or Kangaskan
Lv. 59: Abra or Kangaskan
Yah, it evolves into the same things four times in a row! After the evolutions your game freezes (I think..).

Attacks chart:
3: Wrap
5: Swords Dance
10: TM05
14: Horn Attack
19: TM09
21: Counter
24: Jack //Do NOT teach it this, it really messes up the game
25: Quick Attack
27: TM50
28: Aurora Beam
32: Mega Punch
33: Teleport
34: Mega Kick
40: Bind
42: Hypnosis
43: TM09
55: //This is a random attack, here's luck to your attack being cool ^^
56: //Do NOT teach it this, it does nothing and leaves you open to the multi evolution
59: TM04
62: Waterfall (I've heard some people say this isn't a real attack; it is, Seaking learns it
68: Poisen Powder
71: All[Name of seoncd Pokemon in your list] //Don't teach it this, yah I thought it was cool too till it messed up my game and I had to do the
whole thing over again!
77: TM25
79: Thunder punch
84: Confusion
85: Rolling Kick
87: TM29
95: Pin Missle
96: Recover

Abwayax writes:

Note: Some may have names such as "Japanese Symbol" or "Glitch Block". These are not real names (but for example, Japanese Symbol's name is just a Japanese letter and glitch blocks)

A (250)
Dec: 191
Hex: BF
Stats Lv.5: Atk 5, Def 9, Spd 23, Spc 7
Stats Lv.100: Atk 17, Def 101, Spd 377. Spc 49
Attacks: Cooltrainer Move, Guillotine, Razor Wind, Pay Day, TM34 (Lv.7), Tackle (Lv.8), Gust (Lv.14), TM08 (Lv.15), TM50 (Lv.16), Razor Wind (Lv.19), TM16 (Lv.20), Pay Day (Lv.24), Hydro Pump (Lv.31), TM17 (Lv.32), Peck (Lv.33), Razor Wind (Lv.34), Mega Punch (Lv.35), Poison Sting (Lv.40), Fury Attack (Lv.41), Whirlwind (Lv.42), Reflect (Lv.44), Transform (Lv.48), TM24 (Lv.60),
Type: Normal/Normal
Yellow Equivalent: 4 4
Evolution? None

Dec: 192
Hex: C0
Stats Lv.5: Atk 12, Def 11, Spd 14, Spc 10
Stats Lv.100: Atk 149, Def 135, Spd 203, Spc 109
Attacks: Bubble, Hypnosis, Water Gun, Selfdestruct (Lv.6), Horn Drill (Lv.8), TM50 (Lv.9), Nameless Glitch Move (Lv.13), Pay Day (Lv.14), Karate Chop (Lv.24), Horn Drill (Lv.31), Mega Punch (Lv.32), Egg Bomb (Lv.33), TM50 (Lv.35), Mega Kick (Lv.40), Nameless Glitch Move (Lv.43), Nameless Glitch Move (Lv.45), TM25 (Lv.53), Mega Punch (Lv.56), TM10 (Lv.62), Lick (Lv.71), Double Kick (Lv.88), TM11 (Lv.91), TM50 (Lv.95), Double Kick (Lv.96),
Type: Water
Yellow Equivalent: 4 4 Hy
Evolution? None

Japanese Symbol (205)
Dec: 193
Hex: C1
Stats Lv.5: Atk 20, Def 19, Spd 19, Spc 19
Stats Lv.100: Atk 311, Def 301, Spd 287, Spc 303
Attacks: Barrage, Clamp, Leech Life, Hi Jump Kick, Comet Punch (Lv.8), Mega Punch (Lv.9), Pay Day (Lv.10), Fire Punch (Lv.11), Karate Chop (Lv.12), Doubleslap (Lv.13), Pound (Lv.14), TM05 (Lv.15), Nameless Glitch Move (Lv.33), Mist (Lv.35), TM05 (Lv.38), Bone Club (Lv.39), Wrap (Lv.60), Pound (Lv.62), TM01 (Lv.64), Poison Sting (Lv.65),
Type: Normal/Ground
Evolution? Spearow @ Lv.9
Yellow Equivalent: Female Symbol
Notes: Freezes upon encounter.

.4 (234)
Dec: 194
Hex: C2
Stats Lv.5: Atk 15, Def 26, Spd 15, Spc 7
Stats Lv.100: Atk 206, Def 436, Spd 222, Spc 57
Attacks: Nameless Glitch Move, Agility, TM28, Agility, TM05 (Lv.9), Surf (Lv.19), TM09 (Lv.30), TM34 (Lv.44), Wing Attack (Lv.55), Cut (Lv.61), Karate Chop (Lv.62), Flash (Lv.70), TM11 (Lv.94), Glitch Move (Lv.97),
Type: PokeManiac
Evolution? None
Yellow Equivalent: pPkMnp
Notes: Pokedex freezes game

Dec: 195
Hex: C3
Stats Lv.5: Atk 12, Def 11, Spd 16, Spc 19
Stats Lv.100: Atk 161, Def 133, Spd 239, Spc 289
Attacks: Lick, Confuse Ray, Night Shade, HM02 (Lv.8), Conversion (Lv.17),
Type: Ghost/Poison
Evolution? None
Yellow Equivalent: Z4
Notes: Pokedex freezes game

PokeWTrainer (205)
Dec: 196
Hex: C4
Stats Lv.5: Atk 20, Def 20, Spd 19, Spc 19
Stats Lv.100: Atk 325, Def 308, Spd 287, Spc 300
Attacks: Barrage, Clamp, Leech Life, Hi Jump Kick, Glitch Move (Lv.11), Double-Edge (Lv.12), Tail Whip (Lv.13), Disable (Lv.14), Nameless Glitch Move (Lv.40), Nameless Glitch Move (Lv.55), Mega Punch (Lv.76), Glitch Move (Lv.80),
Type: Normal/Ground
Evolution? None
Yellow Equivalent: X - x
Notes: Freezes upon encounter

PkMn (250)
Dec: 197
Hex: C5
Stats Lv.5: Atk 5, Def 9, Spd 24, Spc 7
Stats Lv.100: Atk 13, Def 103, Spd 385, Spc 55
Attacks: Cooltrainer Move, Guillotine, Razor Wind, Pay Day
Type: Normal/Normal
Yellow Equivalent: 4..
Evolution? None

Dec: 198
Hex: C6
Stats Lv.5: Atk 14, Def 16, Spd 13, Spc 13
Stats Lv.100: Atk 193, Def 225, Spd 165, Spc 175
Attacks: Hypnosis, Water Gun, Doubleslap, Body Slam, TM05 (Lv.10), Horn Attack (Lv.14), TM09 (Lv.19), Counter (Lv.21), Quick Attack (Lv.25), TM50 (Lv.27), Aurora Beam (Lv.28), Mega Punch (Lv.32), Teleport (Lv.33), Mega Kick (Lv.34), Bind (Lv.40), Hypnosis (Lv.42), TM09 (Lv.43), Glitch Move (Lv.55), Glitch Move (Lv.56), TM04 (Lv.59), Waterfall (Lv.62), Poisonpowder (Lv.68), TM25 (Lv.77), Thunderpunch (Lv.79), Confusion (Lv.84), Rolling Kick (Lv,85), TM29 (Lv.87), Pin Missile (Lv.95), Recover (Lv.96),
Type: Water/Fighting
Yellow Equivalent: 7 g
Evolution? Clefairy @ Lv.18 (This Clefairy will then instantly try to evolve into Nidoking)

p T (205)
Dec: 199
Hex: C7
Stats Lv.5: Atk 20, Def 20, Spd 18, Spc 19
Stats Lv.100: Atk 319, Def 323, Spd 273, Spc 289
Attacks: Barrage, Clamp, Leech Life, Hi Jump Kick, Horn Drill (Lv.14), Skull Bash (Lv.18), Swift (Lv.24), TM05 (Lv.32), Comet Punch (Lv.36), Swords Dance (Lv.45), Water Gun (Lv.57), Swords Dance (Lv.61), Double Kick (Lv.66), Rock Slide (Lv.90),
Type: Normal/Ground
Evolution? None
Yellow Equivalent: Glitchy Symbols
Notes: Freezes upon encounter

--------[YELLOW GLITCHES]-----------

Dec: 255
Hex: FF
Stats Lv.6: Atk 15, Def 15, Spd 19, Spc 18
Stats Lv.100: Atk 175, Def 179, Spd 245, Spc 227
Attacks: Confusion (if evolved from 4 4 Hy), Disable (if evolved from 4 4 Hy), Headbutt (if evolved from 4 4 Hy), weird glitch move (Lv.9), Mega Punch (Lv.12), Skull Bash (Lv.23), TM09 (Lv.29), TM50 (Lv.32), Pound (Lv.45), Tackle (Lv.61), Ice Beam (Lv.62),
Type: Water/Psychic
Evolution? None
R/B Equivalent: Charizard 'M (not here)

3trainerpoke (176)
Dec: 0
Hex: 0
Stats Lv.5
Stats Lv.100: Atk 497, Def 417, Spd 47, Spc. 4
Attacks: (note: The 3TrainerPoke attacks are lost to me. I will get them soon.0
Type: /Normal
Evolution? Kangaskhan any level (like 'M!)
R/B Equivalent: 'M

4 4 (250)
Dec: 191
Hex: BF
Stats Lv.5: Atk 22, Def 16, Spd 5, Spc 7
Stats Lv.100: Atk 352, Def 240, Spd 14, Spc 64
Attacks: Whirlwind, Blizzard, Blizzard, Meditate, Doubleslap (Lv.6), TM05 (Lv.8), Ice Punch (Lv.14), Mega Punch (Lv.24), TM09 (Lv.33), Pin Missile (Lv.37), Doubleslap (Lv.40), TM24 (Lv.42), TM50 (Lv.47), Pound (Lv.48), Mega Punch (Lv.55), TM24 (Lv.58), TM24 (Lv.61), Ice Punch (Lv.62), Supersonic (Lv.64), Pin Missile (Lv. 71), Pin Missile (Lv.72), Supersonic (Lv.97),
Type: {glitchedtype}/Normal
Evolution? None
R/B Equivalent: A

Dec: 192
Hex: C0
Stats Lv.5: Atk 13, Def 16, Spd 8, Spc 13
Stats Lv.100: Atk 169, Def 239, Spd 73, Spc 171
Attacks: Confusion, Disable, Headbutt, TM05 (Lv.8), Softboiled (Lv.15), Take Down (Lv.16), Aurora Beam (Lv.22), Hi Jump Kick (Lv.33), Double Kick (Lv.36), TM34 (Lv.37), Doubleslap (Lv.40), TM34 (Lv.60), Thrash (Lv.63), TM30 (Lv.71), Poison Sting (Lv.79),
Type: Water/Psychic
Evolution? Q (nicknamed TM55) (Starmie Hybrid) Lv.6
R/B Equivalent: a

Female Symbol (unknown)
Dec: 193
Hex: C1
Stats Lv.5
Stats Lv.100
R/B Equivalent: Japanese Symbol

pPkMnp (230)
Dec: 194
Hex: C2
Stats Lv.5: Atk 6, Def 15, Spd 6, Spc 6
Stats Lv.100: Atk 31, Def 213, Spd 33, Spc 27
Attacks: Leer, Comet Punch, Doubleslap, Thunder, Pay Day (Lv.6), TM07 (Lv.16), Psychic (Lv.17), Pin Missile (Lv.25), TM34 (Lv.33), Mimic (Lv.34), TM25 (Lv.48), TM18 (Lv.56), TM41 (Lv.61), TM50 (Lv.62), Night Shade (Lv.76), TM04 (Lv.88), Tackle (Lv.95), Nameless Glitch Move (Lv.100)
Type: $9?/Poison
Evolution? None
R/B Equivalent: .4

Dec: 195
Hex: C3
Stats Lv.5: Atk 13, Def 9, Spd 13, Spc 9
Stats Lv.100: Atk 175, Def 85, Spd 171, Spc 97
Attacks: Fury Attack, Horn Drill (Lv.13), TM43 (Lv.32), Blank Glitch Move (Lv.35), Blank Glitch Move 2 (Lv.42), Body Slam (Lv.56), Pound (Lv.62), Horn Attack (Lv.100)
Type: Bug/Poison
Evolution? None
R/B Equivalent: h Poke

X - x (203)
Dec: 196
Hex: C4
Stats Lv.5: Atk 21, Def 20, Spd 18, Spc 19
Stats Lv.100: Atk 319, Def 299, Spd 291, Spc 295
Attacks: Skull Bash, Flash, Constrict, Waterfall, Worthless glitch move (Lv.11), Double-Edge (Lv.12), Tail Whip (Lv.13), Disable (Lv.14), Worthless glitch move (Lv.40), same glitch move (Lv.55), Mega Punch (Lv.76), that glitch move again (Lv.80),
Type: /Normal
Evolution? None
R/B Equivalent: PokeWTrainer

Dec: 197
Hex: C5
Stats Lv.5: Atk 13, Def 13, Spd 14, Spc 13
Stats Lv.100: Atk 197, Def 191, Spd 183, Spc 165
Attacks: Scratch, Tail Whip, Disable
Type: Water
Evolution? None
R/B Equivalent: PkMn

Dec: 198
Hex: C6
Stats Lv.5: Atk 12, Dec 12, Spd 7, Spc 9
Stats Lv.100: Atk 145, Def 153, Spd 61, Spc 101
Attacks: Confusion, TM25 (Lv.25), TM29 (Lv.32),
Type: Water/Psychic
Evolution? None
R/B Equivalent: LM4

Glitchy Symbols (CHARIZARD HYBRID)
Dec: 199
Hex: C7
Stats Lv.5: Atk 13, Def 12, Spd 16, Spc 14
Stats Lv.100: Atk 175, Def 163, Spd 225, Spc 193
Attacks: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Leer, TM05 (Lv.10), Water Gun (Lv.15), Swords Dance (Lv.18), Razor Wind (Lv.19), Tackle (Lv.31), TM36 (Lv.32), Glare (Lv. 33), Wing Attack (Lv.40), Horn Drill (Lv.53), Nameless Glitch Move (Lv.55), Poison Sting (Lv.60), TM04 (Lv.61), TM55 (Lv.62), Tackle (Lv.73), Pay Day (Lv.75), Thunder (Lv.79), Horn Attack (Lv.100)
Type: Fire/Flying
Evolution? None
R/B Equivalent: p T

Neeyo (KickinBlaziken) writes:

"I heard people were talking about glitches like .4 and A have attacks like TM46 and similar.
Well, I think I have a solution for this. You see, there are 256 possibilities. In the view of pokemon, there are 256-151= >>101<< glitched pokemon in the game. Some of them are Missingno.'s, some are /M, some are "Pokegods" and some are some kind of fourth "race".

The similar thing is with items. Every item has his hex code form 00-FF. Means 256 possibilities again. There are allover 52-53 items in the game. This, again leaves us with 256-53= >>202<< glitched items. These are all accessible via Gameshark. However, most of them are same. Some have odd names like NICKNAME? or RIVAL's. But, the most important items are ranged from about D5-FF. These are TMs. But, it is interesting
that there are some items (glitched) that are named TM52 or similar. We know that there is a max. of 50 TMs. I discovered that these glitch TMs (>50) are actually HMs.

Now, onto the attacks. I wont do any math know, but you have to know that there are also some free spaces to FF. However, these free slots correspond to the ITEMS somehow. This is why these attacks have weird names. I have also made a detailed list of these glitch pokemon. But, next time about them."

UltimateWhiteDragon writes:

The glitch I am talking about is the poke glitch, I have nicknamed "the glitch of sadness". You will see why I have given it this both interesting and disturbing nickname, you will find later in this story: To begin the story, I went to your hex number list to catch a few interesting glitch's. I had quite a few in my collection. A strange glitch caught my eye. The poke glitch. It's hex number was much to high. It went above Articuno's, and below mewtwo's. I selected the pokemons special stat that was close to the hex number, (Articuno) and begun his/her training. When it finally reached the right hex number, I did the ditto mew trick. I flew on articuno after making the ditto faint, and turned on to the route. I waited. Poke glitch appeared. It was in a strange black crossbar... pitch black. I got my level 7 omanty out to weaken him. Omanty's watergun was pitch black, and made the
glitch faint. I was beside myself... I didn't have much money at the moment either. Luckly, the glitch left me a small present behind. It left me 130 phsychic tm's!!! I sold them all, and got a lot of money! I bought like 100 great balls. I did the trick again, and saw the glitch. This time, I used a very weak, lv 5 rattata. It did the trick. The glitch had 1hp left. I used up all my great balls trying to catch it!!! Can you believe that!!!??? 100 great balls! And for what? I was forced to turn my game off, and try again. But something happened. When I started my game, I wasn't in the same area as I had saved! Currently, I was over at my freinds house, and asked him what had happened. He just said " That must be where you saved" But I had saved in front of the gambler! I was getting impatient. I tried to do the trick. When I went up to the gambler, my finger sliped, so I didn't do it succesfuly. But, the glamber didn't notice me! I went right up to him, and he saw me. Eventuly, I gave up. This is why I call this the glitch of sadness. I left the gambler alone for a few months, beating up the elite four again and again. I also found out what the problem was. I had not fixed the start button popping up in Lavender town! I fixed that, but my articuno's special was way to high from beating up the elite four. Ohh Well... Just thought I might put this in so that others will be carfull about this now dangerous glitch of sadness.

Veb writes:

I decided to try and catch the glitch named A, so I went to the gambler on route 8, flew away from him and went to Celadon City. I went left into the cycling road, battled a cue ball and went to Fuchia to battle a ditto. When I finally found a ditto, my mouth dropped. The ditto was facing the wrong way, and the pic of my Blastoise was screwed up, and I had never catched neither MissigNo. nor 'M! I was freaked out, but I wanted that A, so I switched to my GrOwLyDoG (Arcanine) with a special of 191, the ditto transformed into an arcanine, I defeated it easily with fire blast, and then flew to Lavender town, went to route 8, pressed B, and got attacked by an A. I caught it using one of my many Master balls, then it said: New POKéDEX entry made for #>##A#! But the pokédex-entry was the same as that of a Rhydon! Then it said; Do you want to giva a nickname to RHYDON? I pressed no, and it said; RHYDON was transferred to Bill's PC. I'd already read most of the articles in Tales From The Glitch, so I wasn't surprised. I did the whole thing once more, and finally it said that #>##A# was transferred to Bill's PC, so I went to the nearest Pokémon center and withrawed it. This is what the stats looked like:

Attack: 6
Defence: 11
Speed: 31
Special: 8
Hp: 23/23

Type1: Normal
Type2: Normal

Attacks: --- pp

Level up: 1290 to :L8

I wanted to try it in battle, so i flew to Pallet town and fought a level 4 Rattata. the "---" attack was type COOLTRAINER(Female sign) And had 0/13 PP, so I switched to another pokémon to beat it. I decided to feed it rare candies so it would lvl up. On lvl 8 it learned tackle as assumed, and I could now see all it's attacks (Tackle, Guillotine, Razor Wind and Pay Day). Then on lvl 14 it tried to learn Gust, which I replaced with Tackle.Then again on lvl 15 it tried to learn TM08. I replaced that with Guillotine and decided to test it. It's type was ##9##9# 9, and it's PP was 20/20.When I used it, my mouth dropped. Again. It said: #>##A#'s attack missed! #>##A# kept going and crashed! Then the screen tilted a little, and #>##A# lost one HP. The second time I tried it, it worked, and it looked just like Scratch, and the effect was just like scratch too. On level 16, it learned TM 50, which was the same type as TM08, with 5 more PP. It was some kind of 1-Hit KO, because it had terribly accuracy, and when it finally hit, I can't really explain how it looked like, it was like one of hitmonlee's kicks. On lvl 20 it tried to learn TM16, so I replaced it with Gust. This attack was good for nothing, because the PP was 0/0. On level 32, it tried to learn TM17. It had PP 50/50 (Which is strange, since the highest amount of PP I've ever seen is 40) When I got into a battle this time, I had to press fight several times, and when I did, everything was messed up. The attack on top of the list was named " N## ' ", and the game thought that was the only move it could, cause I couln't select other attacks, so I used the "N" attack, and it said: #>##A# used TM17! When I got to the fight-screen again, the only attack I could choose had no name, and was type " i JT# #IgZEqUD? POKé #BB #>##A# #dé " (IgZEqUD is my character's name) I used it, and it still said that it used TM17! Now it could change between two more nameless attacks, both normal type. I used one of them, and it said that #>##A# made a whirlwind. The next round I couldn't choose move, but it said that it used Razor Wind. After that, it only learned "normal" attacks (like Whirlwind, Poison sting, Reflect, etc.) until it got to lvl 60. It then tried to learn TM24. Curious as I was, I replaced it with TM50. Unfortunately TM24 also had PP 0/0. After that, it never tried to learn anything.
These are the TM's that you can teach it: TM35 (Metronome), TM27 (Fissure), TM41 (Softboiled).

These are the TM's and HM's I've tried to teach it, but didn't work: HM01 (Cut), HM04 (Strength), TM17 (Submission), TM05 (Mega kick)
(TR Rose, if some of these attacks aren't placed in your list of teachable moves by A, you may put them there)

Kajayacht writes:

yes when i caught some ov the "pokegods" i (like most people) noticed they had moves called TM28 and TM05 so i got to wondering well what the funk and waggels do these moves do so i fired up my blue and got out mein gameshark and decided to mess up my blue even more a couple ov days later i got most ov it still some blanks and from my experience the moves are consistant from game to game (red to blue) not sure about yellow though

anyways here is the glitch move list

Skill Modifiers for 1st pokemon
01??73D1-- 1st attack
01??74D1-- 2nd attack
01??75D1-- 3rd attack
01??76D1-- 4th attack

most ov these miss a lot

BF: nameless move: messes up game
C0: same
C1: same
C2: same
C3: same
C4: HM01: a strange attack that hurts a little
C5: HM02: sucks health
C6: HM03: ??
C7: HM04: a beam attack that hurts not too much
C8: HM05: a growl that hurts (neat) a little (darn)
C9: TM01: ??
CA: TM02: Decreases enemy's evade greatly
CB: TM03: Does little damage & misses a lot
CC: TM04: no effect
CD: TM05: Increases user's evade greatly
CE: TM06: Does damage & messes up game
CF: TM07: powerful attack but doesn't affect Mewtwo (ov course nothing beats Mewtwo ecept for maybe Mew)
D0: TM08: a powerful attack that hurts when you miss
D1: TM09: The weirdest ov these it faints the USER (worst move ever by far)
D2: TM10: messes up game
D3: TM11: does nothing
D4: TM12: does nothing
D5: TM13: Increases user's evade greatly
D6: TM14: it's explosion
D7: TM15: does nothing
D8: TM16: does nothing
D9: TM17: ??
DA: TM18: ??
DB: TM19: increases user's evade greatly
DC: TM20: does nothing
DD: TM21: ??
DE: TM22: a powerful attack that misses a lot
DF: TM23: sucks health from opponent
E0: TM24: a powerful attack that misses a lot
E1: TM25: does nothing
E2: TM26: does nothing
E3: TM27: Raises attack greatly
E4: TM28: it's explosion but it doesn't faint the user (officially my favorite move TM28 rules!!!)
E5: TM29: does nothing
E6: TM30: does nothing
E7: TM31: ??
E8: TM32: does little damage
E9: TM33: sucks health from enemy
EA: TM34: does nothing
EB: TM35: ??
EC: TM36: a gust-like attack
ED: TM37: a very powerful attack
EE: TM38: ??
EF: TM39: ??
F0: TM40: raises speed
F1: TM41: raises evade greatly
F2: TM42: an explosion attack
F3: TM43: ??
F4: TM44: sucks health from enemy
F5: TM45: ??
F6: TM46: sometimes lowers opponent's speed
F7: TM47: a poisonous attack that is a lot more accurate then the other glitch moves
F8: TM48: messes up game
F9: TM49: looks like ice punch but gives you armor (huh??) misses a lot
FA: TM50: multiple hit move
FB: TM51: a powerful attack
FC: TM52: gives armor to your pokemon
FD: TM53: a powerful attack
FE: TM54: ??
FF: TM55: does nothing

right that's the glitch move list as for all the ?? well like i said it's inaccurate and as you may guess i got pretty bored doing this so why don't some ov you guys fill in the blanks

i don't have any clue what these moves will do in link battles or in pokemon stadium or if they will trade to GSC ok
if any one is brave enough to try it go for it just tell me how it worked email

right here are some glitch pokemon "pokegods" their effects the digits used for game genie and game shark in that order and what moves they learn enjoy this toke awhile and a lot ov rare candys and yes my blue is still well mostly functioning properly although i often start up the game and i'm in a different place then where i saved (wierd) but that's it other then your standard things i plan to beat the elite four (with only obtaining 3 badges {gameshark fly reachesevery city}) and mein ahll ov fame should be pretty screwed up well here's the list enjoy
and just so you know i've found that if you have 6 pokemon in your party, when you capture these the pokemon don't become rhydons boo-ya but some games mess up when glitches are sent to pc (not mein :)) any questions email me

AKA: "A" Glitch, Big A
DBRef: 191(BF)
Pokedex #250
Display Type: Normal/Normal
Evolution: none
Base and Max Stats:
HP: 37, Atk: 0, Def: 40, Spd: 178, Spl: 19
HP: 277, Atk: 98, Def: 178, Spd: 454, Spl: 136
Natural Moves: (Move Zero) (Basic), Guillotine (Basic), Razor Wind (Basic),
Pay Day (Basic), TM24 (124), Bone Club (191), <May freeze game> (224),
TM04 (240), TM40 (240), Screech (240), HM05 (249), TM16 (249), TM24 (249),
TM54 (249), Whirlwind (254), Razor Wind (254), TM50 (254), Swift (254)
Learned Moves: TM34 (7), Tackle (8), Gust (14), TM08 (15), TM50 (16), Razor
Wind (19), TM16 (20), Pay Day (24), Hydro Pump (31), TM17 (32), Peck (33),
Razor Wind (34), Mega Punch (35), Poison Sting (40), Fury Attack (41),
Whirlwind (42), Reflect (44), Transform (48), TM24 (60), TM40 (103),
TM40 (111), Bite (114), Bite (115), TM 24 (124), TM 24 (125), Cut (126),
TM08 (133), Swords Dance (145), HM05 (167), TM24 (175), Bone Club (191),
Defense Curl (192), Absorb (198), Sludge (199), Screech (200), Defense
Curl (201), Absorb (203), Sludge (204), Screech (205), Defense Curl (206),
Reflect (209), TM54 (216), <crashes game> (224), Comet Punch (230),
TM04 (240), <crashes when learned> (248), TM40 (249), Slam (254)
TM Moves: Bubblebeam, Ice Beam, Counter, Seismic Toss, Thunder, Earthquake,
Fissure, Psychic, Teleport, Bide, Metronome, Softboiled, Sky Attack, Rest,
Psywave, Rock Slide
Encounter Flag: unknown
Capture Flag: Krabby encounter
- Known to cause graphical glitches when caught.
- When encountered, the game writes to the save file.
- Hall of Fame data is overwritten with garbage, even if you do not save the
- Reverts to Rhydon when Pokedex entry is viewed after catching it.
- In-battle front image varies from battle to battle.
- If Move Zero is in the first move slot, other moves will not be visible.


AKA: "a" Glitch, Little a
DBRef: 192(C0)
Pokedex #61
Display Type: Water (invisible unless given a nickname)
Evolution: none
Base and Max Stats:
HP: 65, Atk: 65, Def: 65, Spd: 90, Spl: 50
HP: 333, Atk: 228, Def: 228, Spd: 278, Spl: 198
Natural Moves: Bubble (Basic), Hypnosis (Basic), Water Gun (Basic), <may
freeze game> (215), Mega Kick (215), TM34 (254), <may freeze game> (254),
TM02 (254), TM54 (254), Double Kick (255), TM34 (255), TM40 (255),
TM24 (255)
Learned Moves: Horn Drill (2), TM34 (3), Selfdestruct (4), Tackle (5),
Selfdestruct (6), Horn Drill (8), TM50 (9), <hangs when learned> (13),
Pay Day (14), Karate Chop (24), Horn Drill (31), Mega Punch (32), Egg
Bomb (33), TM50 (35), Mega Kick (40), <crashes when learned> (43),
<crashes when learned> (45), TM25 (53), Mega Punch (56), TM10 (62),
Lick (71), Double Kick (88), TM11 (91), TM11 (92), TM50 (95), Double
Kick (96), String Shot (119), TM29 (120), <hangs when learned> (121),
Horn Drill (123), Wrap (133), Aurora Beam (167), TM34 (175), TM24 (184),
TM50 (185), Horn Drill (187), Double Kick (192), Razor Wind (193),
<crashes when learned> (195), TM29 (197), Egg Bomb (200), TM50 (201),
TM14 (205), <crashes when learned> (207), HM02 (213), <hangs when
learned> (215), <crashes when learned> (224), TM40 (234), <crashes when
learned> (238), <crashes when learned> (239), <crashes when
learned> (240), TM02 (250), Karate Chop (254), Horn Drill (255)
TM Moves: Surf, Strength, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Toxic, Body Slam, Take Down,
Double Edge, Bubblebeam, Water Gun, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Submission,
Counter, Seismic Toss, Rage, Earthquake, Fissure, Psychic, Mimic, Double
Team, Bide, Metronome, Skull Bash, Rest, Psywave, Substitute
Encounter Flag: Poliwhirl encounter
Capture Flag: Poliwhirl capture
- Species name is not terminated normally. Commands must be confirmed multiple
times as you scroll through the full name. To avoid this in most cases, give
the pokemon a nickname.

AKA: Chisai-u
DBRef: 193(C1)
Pokedex #205
Display Type: Normal/Ground
Evolution: L9 - Spearow
Base and Max Stats:
HP: 232, Atk: 147, Def: 145, Spd: 128, Spl: 136
HP: 667, Atk: 392, Def: 388, Spd: 354, Spl: 370
Natural Moves: Barrage (Basic), Clamp (Basic), Leech Life (Basic), Hi Jump
Kick (Basic), Comet Punch (8), Karate Chop (12), Pay Day (12), Mega
Punch (15), Doubleslap (15), Fire Punch (15), TM05 (15), Poison
Sting (65), Mist (250), Wrap (250), TM01 (250), Gust (250)
Learned Moves: Gust (1), Comet Punch (8), Mega Punch (9), Pay Day (10), Fire
Punch (11), Karate Chop (12), Doubleslap (13), Pound (14), TM05 (15),
<glitch move> (33), Mist (35), TM05 (38), Bone Club (39), Wrap (60),
Pound (62), TM01 (64), Poison Sting (65), TM34 (124), TM08 (170),
TM08 (174), TM34 (175), TM05 (193), TM05 (194), HM04 (195), Poison
Sting (196)
TM Moves: Surf, Razor Wind, Body Slam, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Counter, Mega
Drain, Thunderbolt, Fissure, Psychic, Double Team, Reflect, Bide,
Metronome, Selfdestruct, Skull Bash, Sky Attack, Rock Slide, Tri Attack
Encounter Flag: 4th quantity bit of 3rd item slot
Capture Flag: Persian Encounter
- Known to cause graphical glitches when caught.
- Reverts to Rhydon when Pokedex entry is viewed after catching it.
- The game freezes when this pokemon enters battle.

AKA: .4, u.4
DBRef: 194(C2)
Pokedex #234
Display Type: POKéMANIAC
Evolution: none
Base and Max Stats
HP: 179, Atk: 96, Def: 209, Spd: 96, Spl: 21
HP: 561, Atk: 290, Def: 516, Spd: 290, Spl: 140
Natural Moves: <May freeze game> (Basic), Agility (Basic), TM28 (Basic),
Agility (Basic), <May freeze game> (195), Cut (195), Surf (195),
Flash (195), Guillotine (255), TM32 (255), TM24 (255), TM34 (255)
Learned Moves: TM05 (9), TM05 (18), Surf (19), TM09 (30), TM34 (44),
TM05 (54), Wing Attack (55), Cut (61), Karate Chop (62), Flash (70),
TM11 (94), <May freeze game> (97), TM05 (109), Guillotine (170),
TM08 (183), TM34 (184), <freezes game when learned> (195), Minimize (205),
TM50 (208), TM01 (225), <Freezes game when learned> (234), <Freezes game
when learned> (240), TM24 (241), TM50 (245), TM29 (255)
TM Moves: Strength, Flash, Razor Wind, Toxic, Horn Drill, Take Down, Hyper
Beam, Counter, Solar Beam, Dragon Rage, Thunder, Mimic, Bide, Fire Blast,
Swift, Dream Eater, Sky Attack, Rest, Thunder Wave, Psywave, Explosion,
Encounter Flag: unknown
Capture Flag: Magneton encounter
- Known to cause graphical glitches when caught.
- Pokedex cry is not properly terminated. Viewing the pokedex entry
effectively hangs the game.


DBRef: 195(C3)
Pokedex #94
Display Type: Ghost/Poison
Evolution: L224 - Gloom
Base and Max Stats
HP: 60, Atk: 65, Def: 60, Spd: 110, Spl: 130
HP: 323, Atk: 228, Def: 218, Spd: 318, Spl: 358
Natural Moves: lick (Basic), confuse ray (Basic), night shade (Basic),
TM24 (175), tackle (186), HM02 (186), conversion (186), pound (195),
<freezes game when learned> (205)
Learned Moves: HM02 (8), Conversion (17), Pound (104), TM24 (175),
Tackle (186), Pound (195), <freezes game when learned> (205)
TM Moves: Strength, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Toxic, Body Slam, Take Down,
Double-Edge, Hyper Beam, Submission, Counter, Seismic Toss, Rage, Mega
Drain, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Psychic, Mimic, Double Team, Bide, Metronome,
Selfdestruct, Skull Bash, Dream Eater, Rest, Psywave, Explosion,
Encounter Flag: Gengar encounter
Capture Flag: Gengar capture
- When encountered, the game writes to the save file.
- Hall of Fame data is overwritten with garbage, even if you do not save the
- Pokedex cry is not properly terminated. Viewing the pokedex entry
effectively hangs the game.
- In-battle front image varies from battle to battle.

AKA: POKé WTrainer
DBRef: 196(C4)
Pokedex #205
Display Type: Normal/Ground
Evolution: none
Base and Max Stats:
HP:232, Atk: 147, Def: 145, Spd: 128, Spl: 136
HP:667, Atk: 392, Def: 388, Spd: 354, Spl: 370
Natural Moves: Barrage (Basic), Clamp (Basic), Leech Life (Basic), High Jump
Kick (Basic), Barrage (40), Clamp (40), Leech Life (40), (Move Zero) (40),
Mega Punch (255), Tail Whip (255), Scratch (255), Disable (255)
Learned Moves: Double-Edge (12), Tail Whip (13), Disable (14), Mega
Punch (76), Scratch (191), Wrap (255)
TM Moves: Surf, Razor Wind, Body Slam, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Counter, Mega
Drain, Thunderbolt, Fissure, Psychic, Double Team, Reflect, Bide,
Metronome, Selfdestruct, Skull Bash, Sky Attack, Rock Slide, Tri Attack
Encounter Flag: 4th quantity bit of 3rd item slot
Capture Flag: Persian Encounter
- Known to cause graphical glitches when caught.
- Reverts to Rhydon when Pokedex entry is viewed after catching it.
- The game freezes when this pokemon enters battle.

AKA: "PKMN" Glitch
DBRef: 197(C5)
Pokedex #250
Display Type: Normal/Normal (invisible unless given a nickname)
Evolution: none
Base and Max Stats:
HP: 37, Atk: 0, Def: 40, Spd: 178, Spl: 19
HP: 277, Atk: 98, Def: 178, Spd: 454, Spl: 136
Moves: (Move Zero) (Basic), Guillotine (Basic), Razor Wind (Basic), Pay
Day (Basic)
TM Moves: Bubblebeam, Ice Beam, Counter, Seismic Toss, Thunder, Earthquake,
Fissure, Psychic, Teleport, Bide, Metronome, Softboiled, Sky Attack, Rest,
Psywave, Rock Slide
Encounter Flag: unknown
Capture Flag: Krabby encounter
- Known to cause graphical glitches when caught.
- When encountered, the game writes to the save file.
- Hall of Fame data is overwritten with garbage, even if you do not save the
- Reverts to Rhydon when Pokedex entry is viewed after catching it.
- Species name is not terminated normally. Commands must be confirmed multiple
times as you scroll through the full name. To avoid this in most cases, give
the pokemon a nickname.
- If Move Zero is in the first move slot, other moves will not be visible.


AKA: "LM4" Glitch, uLuM4
DBRef: 198(C6)
Pokedex #62
Display Type: Water/Fighting
Evolution: L18 - Clefairy, then Nidoking
Base and Max Stats
HP: 90, Atk: 85, Def: 95, Spd: 70, Spl: 70
HP: 383, Atk: Def: 268, Spd: 288, 238, Spl: 238
Natural Moves: Hypnosis (Basic), Water Gun (Basic), Doubleslap (Basic), Body
Slam (Basic), Thunderpunch (79), Pin Missile (193), Defense Curl (193),
Counter (233), TM25 (233), Hyper Fang (233), Pin Missile (233),
HM01 (234), Thunderbolt (234), TM50 (234), TM09 (234), Hypnosis (254),
Thunder (254), TM24 (254), TM34 (254)
Learned Moves: TM25 (1), Wrap (3), Swords Dance (5), TM05 (10), Horn
Attack (14), TM09 (19), Counter (21), <crashes game when learned> (24),
Quick Attack (25), TM50 (27), Aurora Beam (28), Mega Punch (32),
Teleport (33), Mega Kick (34), Bind (40), Hypnosis (42), TM09 (43), <hangs
game> (55), <hangs game> (56), TM04 (59), Waterfall (62),
Poisonpowder (68), <crashes when learned> (71), TM25 (77),
Thunderpunch (79), Confusion (84), Rolling Kick (85), TM29 (87), Pin
Missile (95), Recover (96) Defense Curl (102), Sleep Powder (105),
TM05 (107), Body Slam (117), TM25 (120), TM05 (126), TM34 (127),
Whirlwind (134), Wing Attack (137), Cut (145), Fly (148), Vine Whip (151),
Hydro Pump (152), Pound (154), Slam (168), Wrap (177), TM30 (180), Poison
Sting (184), Pin Missile (193), Thunderbolt (195), TM05 (196), TM05 (197),
Fury Swipes (202), TM25 (203), Sleep Powder (204), Thunderbolt (205),
TM40 (209), TM33 (213), Double Kick (225), Quick Attack (229), Cut (230),
TM25 (233), Ice Beam (234), TM34 (238), <crashes when learned> (240),
HM01 (242), Comet Punch (254)
TM Moves: Surf, Strength, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Toxic, Body Slam, Take Down,
Double Edge, Bubblebeam, Water Gun, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hyper Beam,
Submission, Counter, Seismic Toss, Rage, Earthquake, Fissure, Psychic,
Mimic, Double Team, Bide, Metronome, Skull Bash, Rest, Psywave, Substitute
Encounter Flag: Poliwrath encounter
Capture Flag: Poliwrath capture
- When encountered, the game writes to the save file.
- Hall of Fame data is overwritten with garbage, even if you do not save the

DBRef: 199(C7)
Display Type: Normal/Ground
Pokedex #205
Evolution: none
Base and Max Stats
HP: 232, Atk: 147, Def: 145, Spd: 128, Spl: 136
HP: 667, Atk: 392, Def: 388, Spd: 354, Spl: 370
Natural Moves: Barrage (Basic), Clamp (Basic), Leech Life (Basic), Hi Jump
Kick (Basic), Skull Bash (18), Swords Dance (45), Horn Drill (225),
TM29 (225), Swords Dance (225), Water Gun (225), Leech Seed (243),
Clamp (243), Peck (243), Agility (243)
Learned Moves: Horn Drill (14), Skull Bash (18), Swift (24), TM05 (32), Comet
Punch (36), Swords Dance (45), Water Gun (57), Swords Dance (61),
Swift (62), Double Kick (66), Rock Slide (90), Swift (125), TM29 (205),
Cut (224), Guillotine (225), <freezes game when learned> (243)
TM Moves: Surf, Razor Wind, Body Slam, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Counter, Mega
Drain, Thunderbolt, Fissure, Psychic, Double Team, Reflect, Bide,
Metronome, Selfdestruct, Skull Bash, Sky Attack, Rock Slide, Tri Attack
Encounter Flag: 4th quantity bit of 3rd item slot
Capture Flag: Persian Encounter
- Known to cause graphical glitches when caught.
- Reverts to Rhydon when Pokedex entry is viewed after catching it.
- The game freezes when this pokemon enters battle.

Mario & the triforce world writes:

Oak battles 4. .!!!! Not .4 mind you.

WTC!?!?! Im supposed to be battling Gary here...but apparently 4 . . has done something to him!

Ok...this is the REAL 4. .!!!! Found in route 1!!

U Block

Finally, heres X_x. LOL when i type that it looks like a face.

Coming soon: Pics of WTW glitches and more!!!

ALright. THe codes i shall tell you in a moment. AS for the condition, i just started the game and only saved once in oaks lab. Soon after taking these sn's, i put in the code for WTW(walk thru walls) and kept going out of bounds and crashing the game!!! THe third time i did this it deleted my file ><;; And thats with one measly level 6 pikachu and nothing else on my name!!!!

In doing this i got some WEIRDO screenshots of oak...acting REALLY weird.

For 4 . .: 01C5D7CF

for U block: 01C7D7CF

and for p Pkmn p: 01C2D7CF

Dark_Mew_Ham writes:

Bizzare glitch: Its name is [glitch block][Female symbol][glitch block]

Notes:You cannot see what the glitch is learning or what attack it is going to use you just have to recognise it.....
Special for Ditto trick: 193
Moves: NOTE: the star means that the move is not safe and is a result of freezing!
lv.0 spike cannon
lv.0 waterfall
lv.0 Dreameater
lv.0 constrict
lv.9 payday
lv.10 TM50
lv.11 TM41
lv.12* Your name over and over again
lv.13 TM something...
lv.15 Tm something..
lv 16-21 Tms... Sorry I cannot recall.
lv.22* blank
lv.23* Either blank or 99999999999999999
lv.24 Thunderpunch
lv.26 TM54
lv.29 tackle (lol)
lv.30* 999[block][block][block]
lv.32 scratch (Lol again...)
lv.33 TM27
lv.35 TM05
lv 38.Asorb
lv.40 stomp
lv.41 TM54
lv.42 MIMIC
lv.49 TM15
lv.51 TM54
lv.52 TM54
lv.56 Twineedle
lv.59 double kick
lv.60 tm50
lv.61 hypnosis
lv.62 double kick
lv.66 tm05
lv.70 tm18
lv.71 tm04
lv.74 tm15
lv.80 tackle (double lol)
lv.82 hydro pump
lv.85 twineedle
Out of rare candies......
Its stats are awesome!
right now:
special:43 (normal amount for lv.21....)
Hit points:93
rare candies:4

Quanyails writes:

Hey Guys! I found a new Glitch, called 8! Here are it's Moves!

LV6. Screech
LV6. Headbutt
LV9. TM05
LV14. Cut
LV17. Gust
LV24. Sand-Attack
LV25. Pin Missile
LV32. Scratch
LV36. Wrap
LV40. Karate Chop
LV42. TM54
LV48. Sand-Attack
LV52. TM54
LV53. Nameless Glitch Move
LV56. TM05
LV61. Softboiled
LV62. Transform
LV78. TM05
LV89. Psybeam
LV94. TM40

It can only be caught by typing in on a Gameshark, C9D8CF.

Rapid_Fire's Pokemon Yellow glitched trainers (Hex Values C8-D3) screenshots:













Mario & the Triforce World writes:

"I went to view TR Rose's Yellow version Hex table today---only to find that many spaces were empty. So i fired up my BGB and opened my pokemon yellow ROM to experiment with 2 hex values today: FE and E4.

intputting the code 01FED7C7, and the Walk thru Walls code, i headed for the grassy patch below pallet town( i live there now a days ^^; )
After inputting th code, all of a sudden i heard the noise that--in battle, indicates that a pkmn was low on HP. Strange...this is outside of battle.
I encounter a pokemon, and this is who appears:

It appears i will be fighting a glitch who shall this [block] p send out??? To my surprise [block]p sent out a 4 4.

By now i knew what the game sends out since i lacked pokemon. But this time it was very different!! veeerrry different:

A bulbasaur that knows 2 explosions. Both odd and vaguely familiar at the same time...I think ill call the little devil 'asplody bulbasaur.
Immediately after selecting the first EXPLOSION the game whited out. Such a shame...

So i re-loaded my yellow version, and input the code 01E4D7C7, and encountered a scientist who wanted to battle. The scientist was actually a black square, and caused ridiculously glitchy effects---as you'll see below.

So thats my research for now. like it??"

ACE91 writes:
"The first glitch trainer that you battled can be encountered without Gameshark... sort of. You encountered one of the glitch trainers that causes what I call the "ZZAZZ Glitch". I first posted this glitch on Glitch City's forums, but then the database was deleted and the forums were lost so I can't link you to that post...

Basically, the ZZAZZ glitch is what occurs when you encounter a glitch Trainer by using HEX 251, 252, 254, or 255 in the Mew Glitch. You encounter a glitch trainer that turns all of your Pokémon into Level 153 Bulbasaurs with Explosion, and some of the letters in your name are replaced with Z's, hence the "ZZAZZ" that I got. You can't fight this Trainer, because the game freezes if you attack. However, there is a way to escape the battle with your Pokémon turned into Bulbasaurs. Use an item (Any item will do) and the battle will mysteriously end. You'll be left with a team of exploding Bulbasaurs. Of course, if you save after performing this glitch, your game is erased. Therefore, it's kind of pointless.

BTW, there's a pattern to this glitch: Bulbasaur is HEX 153, Explosion is HEX 153, the letter Z is HEX 153, and the Bulbasaurs are Level 153. The glitch just sets all of the game's variables to HEX 153."

Mario & the Triforce World writes:

"Im sure this hybrid charizard has been recorded in times past----but ive seen nothing about this pkmn---C-I---- at trsrockin.

Ive got a whole lot of pictures----coming soon.

But heres my story-----of how i caught C-I.

I fired up my yellow ROM and turned on the WTW code, the master ball code, the catch trainers pkmn code----and my test glitch code (consisting of the 01??D7C7 code----?? being anywhere from 00 to FF)

I walked south of pallet town to the grassy area where i usually catch pkmn. Skipping this by i went down to cinnibar island to buy some masterballs, and i walked up to fight a fisherman. I stole his majikarp and saved. Having this majikarp it would be easier to obtain glitch pkmn without constantly using "superglitch" and fighting with the unnamed pkmn that is sent out when u fight without pkmn.

I cant remember what variable i used for this but i ended up fighting Koga after a little wandering around in the water. Koga had one pkmn---- its name was p[block] [money symbol] [symbol] i caught this pkmn with a masterball----and the game said "congratulations!!! [block] C [block] I was caught!!! New pk dex data will be added for C-I"

It was then i was glad i had saved. When the pk-dex screen appeared i heard a mutilated cry---and a pictureof a charizard. Garbled up, glitchy words appeared in the text box, and the pkdex effects were very similar to that of .4....After hitting the a button alot eventually the words "57 error" appeared somewhewre in the garbled glitchy mess, and i restarted.

After a few battles my majikarp grew to level 100---and evolved into an ivysaur o_o; saving didnt even work here.

I tryed to catch another glitch pkmn----but i caught C-I instead. THe same thing happened---but there was a miriculous change!!! After at least 5 minutes of staring at the weird glitchy mess it was GONE and the game sed "do u want to give a niclname to C-I?"

I HAD DONE IT!!!! I GOT THIS C-I DUDE!!!!!! So i viewed its status---no more than a glitchy charizard----but awesome nevertheless. I still have him today!!! The end. Pics comign soon!

Here are my pcs---in a foto album format!!!"

Rainbow_usul2003 writes:

"I discovered a new Pokegod, 69GH! I'm not sure if anyone else can get this to work, because I tried it on my Pokemon red, blue, and yellow games (I own all three!) and it only worked on yellow. Then I tried the glitch again on yellow and it didn't work. Anyway, I was surfing near the Seafoam Islands, after talking to the old man in Viridian City, and learning how to catch Pokemon. I had encountered two 'Ms near Cinnabar Island, and I was surfing around in the water to see what I could find. I was challenged by one of the Swimmers who hang out in the water there, and the strangest thing happened: he had two Staryus and a Missingno!!!! I was defeated by the Missingno, even though it was Level 0, some glitches can be really strong! I didn't give up, I swam back out there again, avoiding the swimmer and heading for Seafoam Island.

I stepped into the cave, and my game went black for a minute. This was normal, beause my Pokemon yellow tends to stall quite a bit, and I had just encountered some glitches. But when the screen came on again, I saw a Pokemon called [glitch block]69GH[male sign] He was level seven, and had the cry of what sounded like a Weedle, but it was really high and distorted. The Pokemon himself looked like a few random symbols from the game: some trees, grass, and even part of a pidgey! I caught him with a Master Ball and he went to my PC.

When I tried to withdraw 69GH, the game stalled again, and it finally let me withdraw him. His attacks were TM49, Water Gun, Wing Attack, and strangely enough, a move called 'Blastoise[glitch box]'. Blastoise was the Pokemon above 69GH on my Pokemon list! I used 69GH in battle, and both TM49 and Blastoise missed every time I used them, and they only had 5 PP each. Maybe they were 1-hit KO moves?

So then I got the 'Infinate' Rare candies from Missingno and fed them to 69GH and this is his attack list:
Lvl. 9 - Razor Wind
Lvl. 10- Blank move that doesn't even appear on the attack list, but it says that he learned it!
Lvl. 15- Hydro Pump
Lvl. 17 - Thunder Wave
Lvl. 34 - TM5[glitch block]
Lvl. 35 - Blank move, same as at Lvl. 10
Lvl. 36 - Cooltrainer [female sign] Makes game stall, and isn't effective against any Pokemon! (It says "Cooltrainer does not affect enemy [Pokemon])
Lvl. 42 - Scratch
Lvl. 43 - TM [glitch block]
Lvl. 49 - [glitchy move] This move freezes your game!!!

Oddly enough, after catching this Pokemon, my HoF wasnt glitchy, until he learned Cooltrainer! Then, every Pokemon was Type 1/Ghost Type 2/Fire and had a glitchy name, and the image of either a Bulbasaur or a Mankey."

From nidokink:

YAHOO! I just traded a LM4's evolvolutions, (clefairy and nidoking versions) to my gold game! Its name on the pokemon stats says:
eL ?eM 4? (the e's are the ones as in Pok e mon)
but on his stats it says: eL |eM 4 (the e's are also the same as on the pokemon page)
here are their stats:
Item: Bitter Berry
Move: Hypnosis Water gun Aurora beam Quick attack
Attack: 62
Deffence: 57
Spcl.Atk: 63
Spcl.Def: 57
Speed 61

Item: Bitter Berry
Move: Whirlpool Aurora beam Spark Rollout
Attack: 36
Deffence: 38
Spcl.Atk: 48
Spcl Def: 51
Speed: 26
Level: 29

(Aurora Beam is my favorite, especially when Nidoking uses it)
I also have another clefairy, nicknamed clefara, no big deal though, the only diff is some of its stats and it knows COUNTER. This is the list of glitched pokemon (without using a gameshark, etc.):
eL |eM 4 Clefairy
eL |eM 4 Nidoking
Kagaskhan (used to be [][][]'M[][][]
Mew (has the cool ditto attacks)
Ditto (cool ditto)
Ditto (Level 0)

I also tried to trade the following, checking thier stats from my Gold game:

LM4 (before evolutions)-------------------Croconaw
A--------------------------------------------------Chikorita (hold item was a thunderstone)
h POKe-----------------------------------------Quilava (hold item was bitter berry)
MISSINGNO.---------------------------------Stantler (hold item was bitter berry)
[][][]'M[][][]-------------------------------------Slopoke (hold item was bitter berry)

also, their names were all scrambled with wierd symbols, like arrows and dots.

well, if i can get any pics on these, ill send them ASAP!

From slig:

At the bottom of this email is a link to an Mp3 I recorded a long time ago. It has not been altered in any way since it was recorded.

It was so long ago that I can't even remember how I did it. I believe I was emulating Red version, and I was hunting Missingno. I can't remember what hex missingno I was playing with, but after I was threatened by this song, I sort of stopped glitching for almost a year. x)

It mixed in a few songs, and with the Sing attack noise in the background, it almost sounds oddly melodious... By coincidence, it's a pleasure to listen to because it's 'on-beat' (I see it that way, at least). I'm not sure what caused it to, but it randomly begins to change from left to right speaker and back, about 34 seconds in, and it lowers its own volume. I didn't mess with the speaker input or the volume at all when it was recorded (actually, I was pressing buttons to try and keep it from ending in some horrible abyss freeze.) It did end like that anyway, I think it ended in an emulator error.

I thought I'd share it with you finally. I'm currently trying to get it to happen again (I think I'd just killed a missingno, or caught one when that happened). I'll let you know if I can get it to happen again, and under what circumstances.

From Soccerpixie790:

"Eelllllllow again! I sent in a couple emails in the past bout the MissingNo in my yellow version. I got a red version a while ago just for glitch research and to fiddle around with all the in game gitches i can come across. I have a well built team....i guess. I have an omanyte, two raich named Ash and Plumpkin, and two missingno, one named demon.

I've heard the rumors and saw the stories on your site about some of the newer glitch pokemon that you can face with a special stat at whatever level. I thought maybe i could experiment a little on some of them. The next glitch pokemon i was really intrested in facing was u.4 ( I call him uyon btw because the Japanese letter is a katakana letter pronounced 'ooo', and 4 is yon in japanese)

The pokemon that ditto had to transform into out of my team was Ash, my raichu with a special stat of 194. And i successfully encountered uyon lvl. 7 (take note on this in the future). And let me say......this glitch is very suicidal if you know what I mean. One of his glitchiest moves was to just commit slow and painful suicide (he must be depressed...poor thing) The text box will say "enemy" with a flashing arrow. continue, and it will say "trainer" before saying whatever pokemon you sent out (in my case, it usually said trainer omanyte) Then it said "is frozen solid!" Then it would go on and say "enemy" "trainer omanyte" (now the music has gone down so much, it is silent) then it will say "is hurt by the burn!" And the skulls would flash over Uyon, and a really long life bar will appear, and his health would go up and down, but basically keeps going down until it totally faints. Then it would say it fainted and your pokemon gained ex. points. But then when your supposed to get out of the battle, the game totally goes white and crashes. But no worries, I always just turn my game off and everything is back to being normal.

When I told my friends about it, I had told them that I would show them the next day what I meant about him commiting suicide. But i wanted to battle him again to make sure that he still had his glitchy move. I was totally wrong...... It was the wierdest thing I had ever encountered. He had a totally different move that did absolutely nothing at all. It said "uyon used" Then it said "no effect!" And eventually in the battle, the whole screen goes beserk, and freezes. My jaw dropped, but not as much as what happened not too far in the future. I kept getting to him in battle to try and make him do his 'suicidal' move. And finally the screen said "enemy" just like what it would say before his suicidal move. I thought "finally!" but then what I saw made my jaw drop even more than before. He attacked my lvl. 30 omanyte with an attack called 99999999999! And this beam shot at my pokemon. It was a 1 hit KO. My pokemon and I were helpless. He was pissed. My game became so much slower afterwards until it was totally crashed. (no worries, it is still good as new)

Yes, all the rumors of uyon being a dangerous glitch is true. He is EXTREMELY glitchy! But I still wasn't finished with him yet.... naw, I wanted to capture the bugger. So I did (not saving afterwards of course) His icon on the pokemon list is just a dragon (like dratini) His stats on my game provide this: type 1: Pokemania (the "c" runs off the screen so its probably pokemaniac) type 2: 9 Uyon's stats always shift to different #'s but now it says attack: 20 def.: 34 speed: 20 special: 8. It has 43 hp. He has 4 moves but each move is blank, and only displays the pp. The first move always says 17/38. Its kind of funky.

Anyway I think that's enough to say for now. I'm still experimenting with Uyon, and I will email you in the future most likely! I will also try and discover things with other glitches (I wish!)"

From Ibrahim, AKA RogueMomen:

I really wanted to get Charizard 'M, so I traded "a" from Blue to Yellow, so it would become Q, then I traded it back to Blue so it would become Charizard 'M. After I did that, the Pokemon in my party all dissapeared, as expected. I got annoyed, so I traded Charizard 'M back to Yellow. But after I did that, Charizard 'M did not leave the game. Q was in Yellow, and I did not pull out the cord. All of my pokemon in my party, Magmar, Raichu, and Pidgeotto, changed into Charizard M' ! They made the same sound as Charizard 'M, etc.My Pokemon list was glitched, a various letter appeared around my screen, it changed sometimes, and a part of a sprite was in the corner. So in effect, those pokemon are unusuable. I deposited them, and my game went back to normal That is my encounter with Charizard 'M.

From Connor G.:

I think I have seen a Charizard 'M before, but I’m not sure. If you could test this following method, if it works, could you post the method how to see a Charizard 'M in battle in your Glitch Dex? Please notify me if you see the Charizard 'M, if it is a Charizard 'M.

First, catch a glitched pokemon after visiting the old man in Viridian City at Cinnabar Island. Use duplicated Rare Candies to increase the over level 100 level. You must perform the Mew Trick with the special 255. After you defeat the trainer, find a Ditto to transform into the very high level pokemon. Run from the Ditto and return to nearby the area where you first flew away from. When the menu comes up, exit out of it and you hear trainer battle music. Although, the game will freeze. But, if you wait a while and press A a few times, the battle may actually start. The game freezes at first because the trainer has 6 pokemon fainted. But, the glitchy trainer should send out a Charizard at level 140. The health bar should go across the screen and the name of it is #'M# (# marks mean glitch blocks). I wonder if this is the Charizard 'M you spoke of in your Glitch Dex? If this is, please post this information in the Glitch Dex to see what Charizard 'M looks like without catching it via Gameshark. I hope this was helpful.

From patrick_nintendo:

I found out H poke,s pokedex status here it is
... Pokemon
HT 80'#3
WT 6,099.0 pounds
pokedex pages
hv ! ! I 4
h [] [] . # rocket [ ||
?# Z4 enemy h poke
# ! #> y . 4h y E
uo'L.o Rg pk 9

v e // 4q _ 4r ._& fn
.te || pk## 4rocket

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