Bad Eggs and Advance Generation tricks!

Not even the Advanced Generation of Pokemon games is safe from glitches! In these games, however, the glitch Pokemon will either have the graphic of a ? in a circle, or ??. The icon has been known to appear as a golden Bulbasaur sprite. Some people claim that "Bad Eggs" are programmed to appear as punishment for using too many GameShark tricks, but this is unknown...

Bad Egg

Images courtesy of The Game Glitch Master Feldynaught

Images courtesy of Neko

From medavemaster221:

  • "Ok, this is a weird R/S trick, and apparently, our glitchy friend Missingno has come to haunt us in R/S! This was tested by my friend, and it will screw up your game (theres an 85% chance anyways.) Ok, you have to restart you game. Then, once you do this, beat the game until the island (The one with a cave on the coast, Dew[ford] island). Well, there are 2 fishermen there that you can battle. Battle them in the order that they come. Then talk to the second one after the battles are over. Once you do this, go in the cave. Walk around, and soon you will find a pokemon named ???BADEGG???(its picture is a question mark) Catch him and go to your pc. Withdraw him, and your jaw will drop. Yes, it a bad egg, and its description is (no pokedex entry). An egg that will never hatch. But, that's not all, for the rest of the game, sometimes even after you delete the game, every pokemon that appears will be the ???BADEGG??? pokemon. It seems that R/S has its own missingno and cinnibar island."

From Al (age 12):

  • "THAT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But there is a REAL bad egg. My friend has one. This is what happened:

    My friend Julian gameshark in his ruby version to get a Jirachi. It was supposed to replace the first pokemon in his lineup (forget what it was, something dumb) Well, instead of a jirachi he got something called "bad EGG". He walked around for a MONTH and the thing would not hatch. It is now in his pc. He plans to trade it to me, and we will experiment further.

    Also, he used an action replay to get something called "enigma berry". Now, diehard pkmn fans out there will know that you can get an enigma berry from the battle Ecards by hooking up a Ruby or Sapphire version to an E-Reader and scanning one of the enigma berry card through it. Well they are called things Like "Strib berry" And look like normal (if not weird) berries. Well, the Ecards were not released then, so he used a gameshark to get one. It looked like a black eggplant with a yellow leaf at the top and little tiny ? all over it. Oh, and its desciption is MYSTERY MYSTERY MYSTERY MYSTERY Etc. He planted one 2 weeks ago but it is still just a sprout."

From Andi:

  • (In reply to Al's post)

    "I'm not sure when your friend started his game but, there is a glitch that happens after one year of play known as the "Berry Glitch". I know that sounds like a made up thing but it's not, you can check reliable sites and forums such as Anyway, this glitch stops time after one year. Thus, berries will not grow. That could be why the Enigma Berries won't prosper further. This hasn't happened to me yet but I also don't think you can play the lottery and such either.

    There is a way to fix this, however. When you connect your R/S game to Pokemon Colloseum via the GBA GCN link cable thing, it automatically fixes it. And, when FR/LG comes out, you can somehow fix the glitch with it, also."

From Doggiegirl30:

  • "I have some info about the bad egg in pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. I've heard a rumor that it was purposefully put in the game to punish people who attempted to catch Jirachi and/or Deoxys using a Gameshark or some other cheating device. The bad egg will never hatch, unless you use a Gameshark or other cheat device to hatch it. The bad egg won't screw up your game unless you use a cheat device to evolve it, but there is a deadly glitch related to MissingNo. on Dewford Island that will seriously mess up your game if you see it. (and I thought the worst thing in the Granite Cave was all the Aron...)"

From The Game Glitch Master Feldynaught:

  • "I have info about "bad egg". when I found it, it had no name, its only attack's were tackle and a nameless attack, when I caught it, it was an egg, with hatched into a ??, however, in the party, it was a "Bad Egg". with never hatched, I found this when using the action replay, It will just appear at random if you use a cheat(s)."

From Diana K.:

  • "It is possible to get this using the cheat device known as the ActionReplay. It occurs after the third battle if you use the 'One-hit KO' code already programmed into the cheat device. When I caught it on Sapphire, sure enough, up popped the pokedex screen. However, the wild bad eggs went away as soon as I took out the ActionReplay. So my Sapphire was fine. The real problem with Sapphire and Ruby is that if you do the last 2 All Berries codes, they lock up your TM folder so you can never use TMs again!"

  • From Mew gal:

    "While I was reading intresting stories on your site, I came across a message saying somthing about an Action replay problem when you use the all berry code and how you will not be able to acsess your TM's in any way possible. When I came across that message I remembered when my Action replay did the same thing. I found a way to fix the problem shortly after the event happend. I thought readers would like to know this so they could continue using TM's.

    1. Enter the all TM code into the action reply so it can download all the TM's onto the game that has the problem.

    2. once you press continue, save and turn off your GBA.

    3. take out the action replay and turn on the game with the problem.

    Result: you should be able to acsess your TM's again and have 99 of each one also. This trick WILL NOT affect any other part of your game."

From tanmay:

  •  "There is a non-glitch way to get Bad Egg in R/S, and FR/LG! All you have to do is make an egg, then leave it in the PC FOREVER! When you check your PC, it will say bad egg. I suppose this is because the egg wasn't interacting with other Pokemon."

From greendaylover3214:

  •  "I used the 'Catch Pokemon Easily' code on my Pokemon Leafgreen, and just for the heck of it, used it on a trainers pokemon. It let me catch the pokemon, and I didn't nickname it, and then it showed Onix's picture and said "Bad EGG was sent to BOX1" it creeped me out, and I was going to shut the game off when I ran into a shiny Yanma! Im not gonna let that get away! So I cought it and saved. Later, I went to the Daycare on 5 island (I think), and I put a Weedle and my Yanma into the daycare. I came back a few minutes later (I was using the 'Fast Female EGG' code) and it said YANMA and Bad EGG (male???) are doing fine! My jaw dropped. I checked my PC and the original Bad EGG was still there! After an hour and a half, (and 17 Bad EGG's later) I figured out that female Bad EGG's have no icon, and their picture is the ? in a circle. Also, the second pokemon will ALWAYS turn into a Bad EGG! My poor DITTO was turned into a B.E. and it mated with my Eevee, and when the normal EGG hatched, the name was a -!!!!! An -!!!!! I looked at the picture, and the screen turned purple and and a high pitched buzzing noise started playing. It was scary!!! It was almost like what happens in Pokemon Yellow when a MissingNo. freezes your game! And that Ditto I mentioned earlier? I nicknamed it DITTO, put it in the daycare (second spot) and saved. When I turned back on, the name was DITT!! Not DITTO but DITT! I saved and walked a step away from the Daycare Man, walked back and it was a Bad EGG!! O_O It was freaky!!! Now I cant use the Daycare cause I have to take a Bad EGG out each time, and when ever I try to put another Pokemon back in, theres always another Bad EGG!!!"

From Keczilla:

  • "Well I have something weird that happened to me with a bad egg. Back in 3rd grade at school, I was playing my GBA and Pokemon Sapphire, and I was in Regice's cave/cove/toilet/thing, and after "letting time pass" for over what you're supposed to wait to open the door, I resented to smashing my GBA on the table lightly. Then, after getting home from the bus, I finally got the door to open. As I stepped inside and wasted 58 Ultra Balls to get Icey, I finally got him. Then, back at the Petalberg PokeCenter's PC box storage, I decided to go backwards from 1 to 14 to 13 and so on for no good reason. But at Box 14, there was something called "Bad Egg." I decided to take it out. It said it would hatch soon. I smiled, not knowing the trouble I was getting in to. I then flew to the Pokemon League. After 5 steps, A box with the message "Huh?" appeared! I was so excited! A black screen came up. The music was still playing, but there was only a black screen. I waited, and waited, and waited, but still nothing. I had to restart my game because I couldn't walk to a PC to disposit it without the egg "Hatching." Creepy..."

From Dragon Knight:

  • "once i got a bad egg i used an action replay when i restarted my game ( dunt remember for wat though, but not a rare pokemon ) after that i never used it again but a few days later i got my seventh badge and healed my team then i checked my PC and there was a bad egg i took it out saved then flew to the daycare center thinking they might have a connection with the egg, but no they acted natural so i checked my PC again and it was there again so i moved it around the box it was like it was multiplying in my box becuz everythime i moved it one would be in the previuos spot and the new spot i got tired of tryin to hatch them so i restarted i tried my action replay again but now it wont read any of my games."

From splicer

  • "I think I might have found a new way to get a bad EGG, or at least turn a pokemon into one.

    About a month ago, I purchased an Action Replay, and so far, no viruses had come. One day I was playing on my Emerald with the "Walk thru walls" code on, and I saved inside the Battle Dome, in back of the registration counter. A few hours later, I picked up my gameboy again. I checked my party, like I always do when I come back, but something was REALLY wrong.

    Every thing was the same, Flygon, Altaria, Sharpedo, etc. But in the last slot, where my Ampharos had been, it said: bad EGG. The stats were the same as a regular egg, or bad EGG, but right below the picture box and level, it had a little pop up that said Status [Pkrs] The word pkrs was in a red box. (if you can call pkrs a word)

    I have no idea why this came up. I have saved in walls, in the daycare, and even where the graphics get temporaroly messed up. (one time, I was on a wall in Verdanturf, and I saw the sole dew!) But nothing like this ever happened. I can always go catch another mareep, but this is just really odd."

From Lauren:

  • "On my Ruby, I got a 'bad egg' (that's the name) from my freind Jaron. He said he caught it (yes, caught it, it even has an ultra ball symbol in the summary page!) in victory road. He said he was too lazy to hatch it so he told me to. So i looked at its summary to see how long the strange little egg would take. it said: This EGG may take a while to hatch. Noticing it had a weird status problem, I took it to nurse Joy. she told me what she tells everybody about Pokerus. I was at first scared so I saved and turned off the game. That night I turned the game back on and decided to keep my promise to Jaron and hatch the accursed thing. Well, two full months went by and the thing was still an egg. Some of my pokemon had had Pokerus at some point during those two months, so I decided that the stupid egg was a problematic pest and was never going to hatch so I deposited it for good. (I also told Jaron it was NEVER gonna hatch and he let me keep it.)"

From Michael Wihlborg:

  • "My friend told me a few days ago that once he discovered a Bad EGG while cheating with his GameShark on Pokémon Ruby. Shortly after that, his save game was DELETED!"

  • "My friend told me that sometimes, his Bad EGGs (he restarted his game) hatch. They hatch into... {Drum roll} BAD EGGS! It's true. Also, the longest time it have took between the "hatchings" is 5 years! Thats right. I'm not kidding!"


  • "I have a Bad Egg in my Ruby game. I got it by useing the 1 hit KO cheat with my Action Replay. If you battle a wild pokemon with this cheat on it will appear as the ? with black circles around it. if you try to name it the pokemon icon is a bulbasaur. When it does hatch it freezes the game. I do wonder excactly what the bulbasaur means. I suppose it is linked to Red/Blue/Yellow/(and perhaps the japanese version of blue)Green. It has been awhile since i have done this though. And also the background of my Action Replay screen is corrupted.(All pixelized in the colors of Black, White, And multiple grays) I forgot when i noticed this, but it might be linked to that event. The Action Replay still functions as always."

From Shadow Pheonix:

  • "Hi! I recently got my friend an ACtion Replay for Christmas, & my parents ended up getting one for me & my brother.I was using two codes that let you steal pokemon from the Battle Factory on Pokemon Emerald. Before I entered, I had a lvl 50 Delcatty that I had taken before (I had two). When I got to about the 3rd or 4th battle, (I still hadnt found a pokemon I wanted yet)at the end,my game froze.I turned it off for a bit,& went on my computer.

    About an hour later, I switched it back on and looked at my party.In my party was my lvl 50 Delcatty,& in the last slot.....a Bad Egg! It was fainted. It wouldnt let me select it too look at its stats.I withdrew some pokemon, & it then allowed me to check its Summary.When I did, the game went grey & froze.I could just make out what its summary said. It said "What will hatch from this? It will take some time" & under that, it said "A strange egg found at the Daycare Center". When I deposited it, it dissappeared! Weird."

  • "Also, my friend used an AR code for Nosepass on either Ruby or Sapphire (I dont know which, as she has both) & came across a Missingno. (the one that is in the empty slots of the pokedex) in the cave in Dewford!"

From Tom Huxter:

  • "Playing firered: when i used my action replay to go in the 2-player battle arena,i went into a battle. i found a pokemon with no name it looked like a ? in a circle, so i will refer to it as (?). i threw one of my many masterballs at it. when i caught it it said "Congratulations, you caught a ". Then it moved on to the next screen and said "ratata's data was added to the pokedex", "do you want to nikname the newly caught " (no) "box 1 is full, bad egg was sent to box 2" the screen turned black and a strange sound came out, it contiued to make the glitched up sound, and continued, and continued. i finally turned off my gbasp and laughed, the programmers acctually put in a pokemon called bad egg, ha! " 

From Starboy:

  • "One day I was using my Emerald Version and battling my friend's FireRed using wireless adapters. I sent out a Blaziken lv. 54, and on my friend's screen, he sent out an Articuno. When I looked back at my screen, it said, "(trainer name) sent out Bad Egg!" Yes. it was an egg sprite. The bad egg was lv. 241, was asleep, and had 0 hp. Even weirder, a few seconds later, on my screen it showed my friend sending out his Articuno, but the egg stayed! The Articuno's hp bar, level, and name were there, but under the Articuno sprite was an egg sprite the same color as the Articuno! After I defeated the Articuno, he sent out Moltres. The egg was still there, and it turned the same red as Moltres! The Moltres defeated my Blaziken, then I sent out a Sudowoodo lv. 40. The egg disappeared and my friend turned off the game. Nothing happened on my friend's screen." 

From Neo AKA "Saukra":

  • "Hello, here's the preliminary "your site rocks, and MissingNo. rocks" part, TR Rose! ^_^

    I've had a Sapphire MissingNo. for a long time (named MissingNo.). ...The ?? blocky model. An adorable thing, really.

    I've had it in my heavily 'sharked Sapphire Version (a friend's old game that she game me). I even sharked a few Bad Eggs to get myself shiny Pokemon. I can guarantee that besides its awesome attack (400), it's quite an average, unevolved Pokemon that sadly only learns Tackle. Its cry is an Unown's, it's tradeable, and, even better, it can be registered!

    Yes, I traded it over to my friend's Ruby and then registered his team, andI frequenly battle MissingNo. without any bad glitches. I've never had Bad Eggs beside the ones I triggered with special gameshark codes to get shiny pokemon straight from eggs. And I hatched the MissignNo. using the Lavaridge egg flag and the Egg Modifier.

    But another of my friends has problems with his game and Bad Eggs, so I can safely say that simply gaining ?? MissingNo. won't make Bad Eggs appear, but the shiny modifier, or messing the shiny egg steps, or even talking to the man in Pacifidlog Town with the Mirage Island flag activation code on can, and will result in your Pokemon morphing into Bad Eggs. And once a Pokemon becomes a Bad Egg, there's no way to get them back, but using the last steps of the Shiny Egg modifier, you can erase the Bad Egg from your game.

    Usually, when your own Pokemon turn into Bad Eggs, it's when you were too nosy and checked their stats. That's the worst thing to do since it triggers a transformation, until every caught Pokemon becomes a Bad Egg. Bottom line: don't mess up gameshark codes, use them as intended, and no Bad Egg will eat your Pokemon. I can attest to this after my Sapphire has survived no less than ten voluntarily planted Bad Eggs on a period of about 72 hours non-stop, with frequent saves in-between." 

From tca85280: 

  • "Pokemon emerald suffers from odd effects from hatching bad eggs, one of these is, what i've affectionately named "Thunderpuch Egg".
    My emerald versions been through a hell of a lot, its been corrupted, action replayed, rendered unplayable and then replayable.

    What happened is: I was playing emerald version VERY late one night, and i was so tired that I hit save, pulled out the game THEN turned it off.

    I turned back on my game, "BLAH BLAH CORRUPTED" message, continued to my game, and the oddities started, I couldn't see any of my pokeballs, and couldn't use them, neither my berries or TM/HM's worked.

    I resorted to using my Action Replay to fix the game up,
    INFINITE TM/HM's fixed up the Tm's and HM's,
    INFINITE POKEBALLS fixed up the Pokeballs, and I couldn't fix my berries...

    After fixing everything up, I proceded to checking on my eevee I had in daycare, boom, the eevee had an egg, one eevee, scrap that, it was two "bad eggs" now.
    The egg had random letters for a name, and was close to hatching, i took a few steps, and it hatched.

    It hatched into... Another egg....
    I named the egg "Egg" for the sake of it, and went off to battle some pokemon.
    I entered the battle, only to find out that... THE EGG GOT SENT OUT!

    It knew thunderpunch, and it was pretty darn weak, I checked its stats, it was TOUGH/CUTE type... Odd.

    I can infinately replicate this glitch, as the man always gives me a glitchy egg to hatch when i visit the pokemon centre, which hatches into more "Thunderpunch Egg"'s.
    I've traded some to friends and family.

    The egg learns to moves, the egg learns no TM's or HM's, its just a neat little glitch I use to startle people.
    If i get a hold on a digital camera i'll take some pics."

From David:

  • "In Pokemon Emerald I was using Action Replay Code Make all wild pokemonshiny code and i was in the safari zone.

    I had just encountered a Shiny wobuffeft and caught it in one. It then said Bad Egg was sent to Lanettes PC. Now i'd heard about it from the link to your site from wikipedia. And it was enough to make me shut my game off. Now id used the code before on deoxys ho-oh and lugia and ill atach the pics of them but the odd thing was the shiny wobuffet transformed into a bad egg in the poke ball."

Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Glitches and Tricks (more listed under Game Shark tricks)

From Neko:

  • "In pokemon ruby version, I have found a missingno, that was two giant question marks, like this:

    A picknicker Diana or Annie had it, and froze my game, but I have found it again on Route 116, along with other oddities

  • In rub/sap I have succesfully hatched a bad egg, along with a friend of mine, and a friend online, and they all hatched into a missingno, that looked glitchy, and was blue! Its attacks were

    And a glitched up thingy

From King Boo:

  • "With old research from Neko (the one who sent the Yellow Mew MissingNo) direct from the official Nintendo forums, I have confirmed 2 new glitches.

    ??=HUGE ?? pixel form (R/S only).

    ?=Black circle, white ring, ? in that. (Screenshots (battle) from FR/LG:Pokedex shots direct from R/S)

    These, combined with my own Ruby and Sapphire data taken from playing and's old R/S shots, conclude that:

    ?? was part of an old Pokedex shot (R/S) for "unknown Pokemon" The newer Pokedex shots (R/S) use ? as the unknown variable. However, game coding required them to be Pokemon-and are technical, required glitches! (Red=my theory)"

From Al:


    "I FOUND A NEW MISSINGNO! Sorry but im really excited as i found this just a minute ago. This is for pkmn ruby/sapphire

    1. First have gameshark
    2. Enable the "walk trough walls code"
    3. Go to the link area where you battle with your friends
    4. Walk thru a wall

    Its name is ??????. Its only attack is struggle. It looks like a big black circle with a smaller circle inside and a ? inside that. If you catch it its data is this: "There is no data on this pokemon at this time." But after u view the data, the game freezes. AM SO EXCITED!"

From Daniel:

  • "Ok, in ruby, i was playing and i came across a black pocchyena. It was totally black, his eyes, fur, everything! the strange part is it didnt sparkle, so its not a shiny. I caught it and stored it in a box, and it turned into a bad egg!! This sounds very un-logical but its true! I think it is a result of the ruby/sap missingno glitch, found in Littleroot."

From SweetSuicune:

  • "[In my Ruby version], my Mudkip, Chalice, has a cheat to make it lv. 255, but it appears as ?5 in battle. When Wally sent out Zigzagoon up against Ralts, Zigzagoon was lv ?5. Wally won in one go, and then acted as though he caught it."

From NeonLugia:

  • "This happened in my Sapphire version. I was walking west of Lilycove city, seeing I mostly find Latias there.

    "I was walking near the Gentleman trainer, the one near the fences. I re-matched the gentleman guy after that, okay here's when the stuff gets freaky.

    "Behind the fence was a girl walking. I have NEVER seen her before [and] when she touched the fence, she disappeared. Yep, in[to] thin air.

    "Then the next wild pokemon battle all I saw was a black screen, with some kind of buzzing noise. I was FREAKED to death. I'm just glad my game [is] back to normal."

From dragonslayerboy:

  • "Something strange just happened! I got a hack of sapphire, called pokemon psychic, and when proffesor birch is in trouble, there is grass to the right! If you go in the grass, you will be battled by a pokemon, and you won't have a pokemon, so it will say your pokemon is the question mark in the circle! It can't attack because it will have no pp left! maybe it's missingno and missing no is there to hold your place when you don't have any pokemon!"

From anonymous 11 year old poke fanatic:

  • "I found this FAQ that has pokemon Sapphire and Ruby gameshark codes for GBA/SP Gamesharks.Ive used them and so far the only glitch has been getting Latias in the wild over and over with the full Pokedex code.This happens when you look at your TV at your house it will keep giving the report every time you capture the new wild Latias.This was first wierd to me because I already had a level 68 Latias."

  • "Another glitch was up a certain area on the Volcano (up to Fallarbor Town) were you can walk through the ashes two spaces you can step are already green as if they have already been stepped in.I hope the site helps here is the link

From samuel88882001:

  •  "Ok, i was playing Emerald, and i was in Battle Pyramid. On floor 1, i had picked up a Shell bell and gave it to Blaziken. I was on floor 6 when i found a wild, Lv.59 Jolteon. Nothing strange about that, but when i won the battle, when the shell bell got used on Blaziken, Blaziken didn't move. It just flashed green a few times (green?). Then, when the battle was over, only the very top of me was visible, and there was some walls i could walk through. I found a wild Pokemon. It was a Manectric. But through the WHOLE battle (literally), it said Blaziken was out, and when Blaziken did its animation it didn't move. I ran away from the Manectric. The next wild Pokemon i found was a Jolteon. Again, it said that Blaziken was out the whole time. I used Sky Uppercut, and Jolteon made a copy of itself. The original Jolteon overlapped it a little. I decided to retire, but when i was at the entrance, no people were visible! I reset, and all was fine."

From Toad:

  • "Okay, I went into battle tower on my Pokémon Sapphire, and had the floor wiped with my pokes by this freakish Porygon. (picture enclosed) The rest of the trainers team was normal though. No-one I've asked knows what it is. I'll head back to battle tower soon and see if he'll return."

From Mewninetytwopointfive:

  • "I'm making a hack of Pokemon Ruby called Pokemon Crazy. When I edited the starting Pokemon, I noticed that when you picked the Pokemon, there were a couple of numbers between Celebi and Treeko. Curious, I used one of these numbers as one of the starters. When I tested it, the choices I could choose were Chimeco, (Wind Chime Pokemon), Lugia (Diving Pokemon), and then a Pokemon named "?" which was referred to as, well it was too messed up. It looked like two question marks. I picked the ?, and then battled the
    Poochyena. ?'s cry is the cry of an Unown. He's pretty good. He defeated Poochyena in 1 hit. I think he is the R/S version of Missingno. No, he did not become a Bad Egg, he stayed the same. He had no ability, and all he knew was tackle, which sucks in battle, but is great in Tough Contsets. I will experiment further when I finish this hack."

From Zach:

  • "I was playing my Pokemon Ruby one day and I was in Pacifidlog Town. When I was walking on the logs that make up the roads there, I noticed that the music was getting all screwed up. It was the first that it happened to me and I got a freaked out because I never messed with my game before."

From Chris:

  • "I uploaded my hacked version of sapphire. Basicly, I cut out some of the trees on route 101 so you can pass birch with out any pokemon."

From Raene:

  • "Ruby Glitch: I was heading in the cave, looking for Groudon, and when I walk on a tile, a very weird Geodude appeared, it's name was Geo, and it had no face, no arms, like a normal Geodude would. While trying to run, it kept me back saying 'No! You can't run from this -block, block, block-' I got scared for the moment, and as soon as I decided to battle. It threw Water Gun at me, and after that, I was able to run."

From UltimateWhiteDragon:

  • "Yes, belive it or not, with some help with my action replay, I have seen an emerald version missingno.. It acts MUCH more difrently than ruby, saphire, leaf green, and fire red. It still looks like the circle, circle. circle, question mark kind of missingno.. Emerald version missingno. only appears when you put more than thirty pokemon on the encounter list ( 40 to 55 would take in great results). Better yet, I have also seen its shiny version ( ....... Action Replay........)! In shiny version, missingno. looks the same, exept it's darker than before.

    Emerald version missingno. is literaly shy. I could only encounter it three times! I did capture it a bunch of times but when I checked the P.C. I found no missingno.. I did not even find a bad egg! Absolutly no trace of missingno. was left behind. Game Freak REALY dosn't want people obtaining missingno. in any way possible. Boy, I can't wait until diamond and pearl comes out... What will Missingno. look like then? Better warm up my action replay...( I really hope they don't use " thunder monsters" or what ever it was called in this). Anyways, if you encounter it, don't try to catch it. YOU"LL JUST WASTE YOUR TIME."

From ig88b1:

  • "The ?? in ruby version will not learn anything but tackle. I don't have a sapphire to see if it is the same there. i caught a ?? and trained it to 100. It learns nothing but is caught with tackle." 

From MertandStephen:

  • "I know how to get ? and ??.Here are the steps.

    Get a Action replay
    Activate the Shiny Code and Catch trainer's pokemon code.
    Go to the trainer hill.
    Catch a shiny Pokemon from a trainer.
    Check your pc.
    You should find ? or ?? in your pc.
    If you get ? never look at it's stats or the game will freeze it's level vary's from 0 to something.
    Both ? and ?? will know the moves of the Shiny pokemon you caught from the trainer.
    ??'s level vary's from 7 to 40.
    And that is how to get ? and ??." 

From jasminetalley:

  • "Something weird happened in my Sapphire game. I mixed records with my Emerald game and wild Seedot and Nuzleaf began to appear in my Sapphire game. This happed on two occasions. Someone thought it was because Emerald somehow transfered something into Sapphire but what really happened?"

From Glamorgirl900:

  • "OK, so one day my friend came over my house for a sleepover, and I was playing my Ruby for a while, as she played her Sapphire. I traded my Swampert and Kyogre (All around level 90, and I took over 300 overall gaming hours into training them and a few others that I transferred.) to my Ruby version. Later I took a break and turned the power off on my Ruby after the successfull trade, and later, I was in for a devastating experience. I turned on the power, and it said, "The game has been deleted..." I was in tears. Next, I gave up, and clicked new game. The oddest thing happened, when Birch released the Pokémon, it WASN'T a Pokémon at all! It was a giant mess of scrambled Pixels much like MissingNo! Everything but birch after that, even the hero characters were scrambled pixels! (You knew it was them, but you could barely make it out that it was them if the person playing it never played Ruby or Sapphire before.) And later I turned off the power, went to rent a video with my friend, later I played my game again, and it was back to normal, even the file was just how I left it on my journey! This is the strangest Pokémon related experience I've ever had since the MissingNO, 'M, x-X, ?, the female symbol, and all the other old-school Pokémon glitches. Finally, I had never used a cheat code with these Pokémon, so I want to know what caused this, if you have any ideas." 

From MonkeyMan:

  • "Strange as it is, you don't need Pokemon Colosseum and FR/LG to fix the Berry Glitch, you don't ned anything!

    I didn't have any of these things so I had to play my Sapphire Version without berries.

    Just out side of Mauville, I had 2 Cornn berries growing, but in the middle stage the Berry Glitch activated.

    I still played for 1 year after it's activation, and the berries started growing again, I went back and the game said that the Cornn Berries were ready to be picked, I had heard that the Berry Glitch was permanent but aparrently you just have to wait another year and the glitch will work itself out!

    It takes awhile but it is a sure way to deactivate the glitch, just bind your time for 1 year and berries will begin to grow again!

    This kind of thing hasn't been posted on your website so I took it as an opportunity to let you know this cure for the Berry Glitch.

    Just thought you needed to know about this new breakthrough in the cure of the Berry Glitch!

    Thank You for Listening to me!

    P.S: I am the master of the Monkey Cage! Fear All Bananas!" 

From Jamie:

  • "This happened a couple weeks back.I was surfing along route 128 (or was it 129?)and i found this tentacool.Perfectly normal, til i looked at its level. its level was ??. I battled it to see how strong it was. Text on screen was: Blaziken used Sky Uppercut! Its not very effective... Tentacool used Hyper (Glitch block) BP Its super effective! (Kills blaziken in one hit) Use next pokemon?(Yes,No) (I press yes, and suddenly screen goes black. repeated tentacool cry, then it goes back to the battle.Im still facing tentacool(lvl ??) but my pokemon is BlAxx.[Yes BlAxx] It knew Sky Uppercut, Hyper Beam, (Nameless glitch move) and Splash.It stayed in my party instead of Blaziken, but when i went to PC Blazkien was in there [Phew]) And the weirdest thing is, i was playing legitimately, no GameShark, no Action Replay,nothing." 

From Lady Lita and Flametail:

  • "You said you wanted to hear about glitches on your site, so here I go. When I first got my Action Replay, my original intentions were to get Jirachi on my Ruby version. However, when I found out about the berry codes, I wanted them too (especially that Enigma Berry!!). But once I entered them and turned my game on with them on, something went wrong. Normally I could open my berry bag and find a berry right away. This time, though, all of the berry images were question marks, even the Enigma Berry's image. I really don't know what happened, but I had to start my game all over again. If I had a screenshot of it I could show you, but like I said, I totally had to start my game over because I needed the berries to make pokeblocks!

    By the way, I really love your site. Thanks to you, I can find out anything I need to know about any glitch! Thanks." 

From MertandStephen:

  • "I know how to get ? and ?? in Emerald Just do this:
    Get a Action replay
    Activate the Catch trainer Pokemon code,and the shiny code
    Go to the trainer hill
    Catch a shiny Pokemon from a trainer
    You got a Shiny ?? or ? the ?? looks regular but it shines
    If you had 6 pokemon it will be sent to the Pc if not 6 pokemon it will appear in your party
    When you look at ?'s summary the game freezes
    ??'s level vary's from 7 to 40
    ?'s level vary's from 0 to something
    It is random if you catch ?? or ? but keep trying to get them both.

    Now have fun with ? and ??." 

Misc. FireRed/LeafGreen Tricks & Quirks

From Yorokobu:

  • "I was innocently training my Eevee in the Pattern Bush in my Fire Red version, along with my Lapras. I battled a trainer which appeared to be some researcher guy, (Ruin guy Landon, I think it was) when the battle started, the screen went blank - just black, then a really irritating, screeching noise was repeating in a loop over and over again, but the battle music can be heard as well. I turned down the volume in case it might be the radio or something, it dissappeared, then I turned it back up. I was freaked - so I turned my gameboy off and on. I was in front of the daycare where I last saved. I went back to Pattern Bush but nothing happened. Any clue what this might be? Or is my game just screwed a bit?"

From UltimateWhiteDragon:

  • "Yesterday, I found a strange thing in my Leaf Green. I was in Icefall cave looking for a lapras ( yes you can get them there, but rarely) and I found the strangest thing. I'm not kidding!!! I found a GREEN Dratini, and it did not sparkle, and Dratini's nest was no where near this location!!! Also, Dratini's shiny color is pink. Also, it did not say " wild dratini appeared! ". It said "wild appeared!". It was on level zero, and where it SHOULD have said Dratini, it just had a big white space there. When I threw a great ball to capture it, the game froze ( wow! Game Freak is serious about people messing with glitch's!!!). It never happened again. Do you know what happened?"

  • "Leaf green glitch thing: I used an action replay to get an arbok. When I went to the old man, ( I was starting a new game) I knew that arbok was in my lead position at the time. Well, when the battle with the old man and the weedle began, it said " ARBOK'S intimidate lowered WEEDLE'S attack! ". Further more... OH MY GOSH!!! THE OLD MAN MUST BE AN ARBOK!!! (- =) Sorry. Just having fun..."

  • "Fire red glitchy thing: I used the action replay to have unlimited master balls. Sure enough, I had a never ending supply (evil grin). I checked out the old man ( New game again, and I know how to catch pokemon!!!) and the battle started. The old man went to his inventory. He had an unlimited supply of 99 master balls ( boy, people are sure rich these days (- =))"

From King Glitch:

  • "I was playing on my LeafGreen game and I decided to go to Seven Island, buy 99 ultra balls and go and catch pokemon. Then I decided to battle the crush girl in Sevault Canyon and I defeated her primape and got to her Hitmontop (this was all before I knew you couldn't catch trainers' pokemon) - I lobbed about 44 ultraballs and then strangely, one of them caught it. It wobbled once and then broke out and then even more strangely, the trainer fled!

    I took one step and then the screen went black (like when you encounter a pokemon) and before I knew it, I was battling a glitch. It was called something like Missing1no and there were loads of glitchy squiggly things after its name. I ran away incase it would screw up the game and then afterwards nothing glitchy happened but a few days later I visited Cerulean Cave and encountered it again and again and again. This time, when it was coming into its position it was Missing1no but it looked like it was using Transform and it turned into weird pokemon that you can't find in Cerulean Cave, like Charmander and a glitched-up pokemon which was difficult to make out. So now I'm too scared to visit Cerulean Cave again but that Missing1no was probably FireRed and LeafGreen's version of MissingNo.

    I would be interested to know if anyone else has had a similar experience and what they did about it."

From UltimateWhiteDragon:

  • "I disagree with you King Glitch. The missingno. I saw with my action replay on leafgreen, looked like ruby and sapphire's missingno.. Plus, I'v mucked with it some. Although... I used an action replay to obtain it. Could there be TWO types of leafgreen/firered version missingnos.? One that keeps the action replay occupied, and a natural glitch? I'm doing more research on this... Until then, by!" 

From Dark Lugia Master M.J.:

  • "Okay here is a weird glitch on my leaf green,every time I try to get eggs and hatch and send them to Diamond it never works unless I first go to seven island or go through a cave like 20 (always Do seven Island)after wich I have to have 1 battle and then an egg but no seven island no egg,it may have something to do with me making 67 trades.6SEVEN.I have never used a cheating device,it may be half are from my emerald wich I clone on.The only download was a mew trade from Nintendo." 

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